Was the Game of thrones cast bracing us for a REALLY "shocking" end or just a shockingly awful one?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
  • These 30 clips of the cast of game of thrones has me....worried.Daniel Greene (guy from the begininng - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw--...


  • Redboy  a months ago

    TOLD YOU SO.....

  • Tommylee Macias  19 days ago

    You ain’t tell us shit

  • MUCKI PROVOKATOR  20 days ago

    Season 7: I'm the worst GOT season ever..Season 8: hold my Starbucks cup.

  • Thomas Fleig  1 months ago

    Only one happy is George R R Martin. Because he knows everyone is going to buy his final books to see how it should have ended.

  • God Enel  2 days ago

    The old bastard knew Dan and Dave would fuck it all up if he didn’t give them material for the ending, he knew people would be hungry for a better ending and his book sales would skyrocket as a result.

  • Ramachandra Nk  3 days ago

    GRRM has no intention of completing his series . he got the money . As for his book fans , they are in for even more disappointment than the show fans . Better for all to cut and run . That joker has not written anything decent in the last 18 years. Better for him to fade into irrelevance .

  • FROSTY2K  28 days ago

    Worst part is knowing HBO offered to extend the show for 2 more seasons (8&9) but D&D refused.

  • Ramachandra Nk  2 hours ago

    @ImABoostedAnimal It seems to be a question of ego . Like GRRM not wanting to take help from others in completing his books even though he has lost interest , D and D did not want others to do it on their behalf . GRRM sold the TV rights to D and D , not HBO . And to give those hacks their due , they at least knew that this was a gold mine and it could be adapted for TV . And they did it well . Also I think nobody else would have shown the same interest in picking up a song of ice and fire as D and D d...

  • D&D absolutely should have handed the writing over to people who weren't tired of the show, very obvisous they just didn't want to work on it any more

  • Vvb Vvbb  29 days ago

    D&D “ if we can’t please everyone then we will please nobody “

  • Scamaz  5 hours ago

    @Mike T Yeah, sure the scenee was kind of cool-ish but thinking about when she killed the Night King, it made no sense to me.

  • Alex F  21 days ago

    They used the politics of GOT against the viewers.

  • Kaven Kaven  29 days ago

    Absolutely NO ONE thought that last season was moving too slowly bro..... LMAO

  • Kaven Kaven  11 days ago

    Zemlja je ravna i can’t believe they never used their abilities to teleport to a new location at Will in any of the previous seasons smh

  • Zemlja je ravna  11 days ago

    Last episode is full of teleportation, so yes even last episode is fast.

  • CRUSTYDOGTAINT  25 days ago

    It took years to shoot... and minutes to write.

  • Nighthawk  5 days ago

    actually, 20 years to write, just short of a decade to shoot, and minutes to ruin.

  • Dobre Ion  5 days ago

    And even less to fuck it up 😆😆👎

  • ognilouD driB  29 days ago

    Season 8 should be praised for everything.*EXCEPT THE DAMN WRITING.*

  • Jonah Anderson  3 days ago

    Set placing? Lighting? Pacing? All shit.

  • Jartran72  4 days ago

    @Simon WoodburyForget for 7 seasons? Writing started dropping off way before season 8 :(

  • iwatchkittenvids45  a months ago

    Kit Harrington forgot where he was during that interview. Lol he didn't filter and was like "Oh wait, I'm on camera. That's not what she wanted to hear... ok "EPIC""

  • LagiNaLangAko23  4 days ago

    He sorta forgot the camera is rolling.

  • marcus jenkins  11 days ago

    @sburb tube Just like how Daenrys "forgot" about the Iron Fleet

  • That one guy  28 days ago

    Jon became an Skyrim Npc by the end of the series.

  • Apple Inc  2 days ago

    You are my queen but then i took an arrow in the knee

  • ScrappyGamingHQ  4 days ago

    Cuck you mean

  • Bennett Weaver  29 days ago

    "it ends... brilliantly," peter dinklage said while looking forlornly into the middle distance

  • Hououin Kyouma  27 days ago

    *Looking at a guy who holds up a picture of his family.