Donald Trump Apologises To Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018


  • Richard Willis  8 months ago

    Don’t boo, VOTE!!!

  • Darkness1984  8 months ago

    I will vote, for the republicans.

  • Zen  8 months ago

    Keep the Dems losing. Make sure to vote red to ensure the smear campaign ends.

  • ben Jovi  8 months ago

    vote *AND* boo

  • Dominic Oliveira  8 months ago

    Did anyone else watch this with a straight face?

  • MysticalEffect  8 months ago

    Starting to think Comedy central Uk doesn't care about the UK anymore

  • derka181  8 months ago

    Omg is this a UK show?

  • New Message  8 months ago

    I hear he hired an office full of women. Gonna be a whoooole lot of stories coming out of there in about a year or so.

  • Pluto :  8 months ago

    He had an office full of women before. No stories.

  • Vans  8 months ago

    Sooooooo happy I'm not american.So so happy.

  • 47sabrine  8 months ago

    That don't Boo, Vote sounded like it was comming from Obama

  • Renegade1k86  8 months ago

    I hope he get trolled by the defenders in his courtroom for the rest of his career in the Supreme court.

  • anthony magliaro  8 months ago

    he's a brilliant jurist...and an a great legal scholar..gonna be a lot of changes lickspittle...can you handle it?..hahaha

  • Povl Besser  8 months ago

    That is only true in a criminal court of law. If I'm hiring for a position and you are a prospect but 3 different women have stood forth and said you were a creep, I don't need _proof_ that you are - I can choose not to hire you all the same.

  • thekrevolution  8 months ago

    there was no trial so he hasnt been proven anything...americans and their justice system..HA!

  • ninjafruitchilled  8 months ago

    One never gets proven innocent anyway. The verdict is "not guilty".

  • moo cow  8 months ago

    @rapier1954 Farrell Democraps live by the motto of guilty even if you're not if you aren't a Democrap.

  • 1:54 when the Notorious RBG refuses to clap for him!!