10 Precise Moments That Forever Changed MMA Rules

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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  • MhUser
    MhUser  an hour ago

    not MMA but UFC

  • Xion Collins
    Xion Collins  an hour ago

    Does the "great" Joe Rogan know why referee stand-ups are a thing? Doesn't seem like it with his whole "they need to get rid of stand-ups" idea. I've seen a number of questionable one, but far more necessary ones. Imagine having to spend 15-25 minutes watching 2 guys laying on the ground. Now imagine that you paid to watch a fight, but got a Gracie Shamrock 2 instead

  • Xion Collins
    Xion Collins  2 hours ago

    I watched that hallman fight. I was super happy to see him lose lol

  • Sollous
    Sollous  2 hours ago

    GSP put vaseline on purpose. Bc his next fights, in between rounds... since vaseline application by cutman was banned or at least very closely monitored by the Nevada State commission guys in purple. And since they kept wiping his back down. GSP drank water, then held it in his mouth. Then right before the round started, he spit the water up into the air and onto the top of his head. The water flowed down his back, and when combined with oil from the skin, makes his back more slippery. He's a cheat.

  • deathjr112
    deathjr112  7 hours ago

    On the whole speedo issue that I’ve seen a lot of people complain about. Imagine your watching a fight and 2 guys in speedos are fighting and some dudes junk/balls/grapes/or whatever you wanna call it pops out. Would you care that it’s on national tv or would you be offended by it cause it’s not something you want your kids seeing. And yes there are kids as young as 10 who are allowed to watch UFC

  • LiftedArts
    LiftedArts  11 hours ago

    Great vid honestly. Good job

  • Reed R
    Reed R  13 hours ago

    I miss when there were no weight classes.

  • Reed R
    Reed R  13 hours ago

    I saw that Mr. Bean episode that you included a clip of lol

  • Darth Desec
    Darth Desec  20 hours ago

    GSP is a cheater. BJ dominated their first fight. He was scared. Weakass decisions.

  • caleb wheeler
    caleb wheeler  yesterday

    I’ve liked probably less than 100 videos but I appreciate this one... keep up the good work!

  • dainkojebejutjub

    As if most of the martial arts rules weren't thought up in exactly the same way. :D

    Is there any martial art where balls kicks/eye gouges/larynx chops are allowed that has massive following?

    Don't think so.

  • David C.
    David C.  yesterday

    Wait...a Gracie founded UFC?! And extreme weight cuts, which has always been a part of competitive wrestling, has to be better regulated.

  • Landi Noka
    Landi Noka  yesterday

    Who else looked at the tittle off the video after he said this are top 10 houses sold by AL IAQUINTA

  • Orella Minx
    Orella Minx  yesterday

    0:17 A ruptured implant can be deadly, strikes and grapples could easily pop them, or do any number of weird things to them.

  • Zack Stabbs
    Zack Stabbs  yesterday

    Man to be honest ken shamrock is annoying asf now frank seems like a cooler dude

  • Matt Waters
    Matt Waters  2 days ago

    bunch of bullshit little video clips, then the clips we actually wanna see are just pictures.

  • Gerry Wallington
    Gerry Wallington  2 days ago

    Just come out of the closet, dude. It’s 2020, no one cares

  • Aaron Shattuck
    Aaron Shattuck  2 days ago

    Gotta stand up for what you bet. Lmao.

  • camero220
    camero220  2 days ago +1

    well, somebody's super insecure.

  • AudiLoveS4
    AudiLoveS4  2 days ago

    The reason breast implants create an issue, is because if you get hit hard enough they can rupture. Snf silicone is very poisonous