MLB | Not-So-Serious Baseball | Part 3

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • Gotta stay loose during the 162 game grind.Twitter | | |* I do not own any of the clips that I upload. All clips belong to Major League Baseball.


  • EXE-Edits  5 months ago

    Spring Training is just around the corner!

  • E Games  4 days ago

    no u

  • Blazers Xp  9 days ago

    Really I can’t seem to find it

  • Chris Craven  5 months ago

    White Sox dude Gatorade bath'ing himself is hilarious!

  • Duke Coughlin  1 months ago

    Yolmer still does this 😂😂😂 love that dude

  • BlackKnight03  5 months ago

    In case you're wondering what the first clip was about. One of the games the Cubs bullpen played was called bullpen chicken, where if a foul ball was hit their way, they were not allowed to move for any reason. Sadly they can't do it anymore since they moved the bullpen at Wrigley Field from the baselines to under the bleachers after the latest renovations.As for the ball changing direction, it's well known that Travis Wood possess psychokinetic powers.

  • Ben DuhPhukOver  1 months ago

    Hit right on the cooler. Under his knee area.

  • Zippitty22  2 months ago

    Ok thank you I was confused there for a second.

  • Sleeves 123  5 months ago

    It must be nice to be millionaires and play baseball.

  • GunUDwnAt2nd  7 hours ago

    @Piano Smile no, that's just something dumb people say to "sound cool" and fit in.

  • Piano Smile  3 days ago

    @Goog Elle That's pretty weird. Why would you look up something you think is boring?This was recommended for me.

  • PA R  5 months ago

    I’m getting tired of tiktok ads

  • Taylor Chambers  1 months ago

    PA R same

  • Lonestar North  1 months ago

    install an ad blocker. takes like 30 seconds.

  • 999.999 Views  1 months ago

    The Cubs are just trolling 24/7

  • CoBaseball 07  yesterday

    999.999 Views as a cubs fan, I Will’s ay the team isn’t very good stat wise but they have to be the most loved team in baseball

  • Goog Elle  3 days ago

    Could you imagine if Joey Votto was a Cub???? Welcome to Troll Country. St. Louis games would be hysterical.

  • Robby Clay  5 months ago

    That's professionals having fun not thinking about the money

  • Brian Hanrahan  5 months ago

    I remember during a rain delay the brewers and cubs had a dance off

  • Goog Elle  3 days ago

    Are you sure it was with Brewers? Sounds like you're talking about the bullpen dance off they had w/ DBacks last season, where one did a 4-man luge, the other did a 7/10 split bowling pin thing, then they did a roller coaster thing, etc.

  • DJ Lawrence  5 months ago

    RIP Yordano Ventura

  • Irish  1 months ago

    imagine being an inhumane piece of shit to wish death on the guy. So what he was prideful, that is enough to wish death upon him? Humanity is digging its own grave deeper.

  • Durgan Zappala  5 months ago

    Baez hugged him on purpose trying to be sneaky

  • Kyla 11  3 days ago

    Durgan Zappala I don’t think so because you can see how arenado almost fell over and braced himself against Baez. I think they just hugged as a joke because they were already partially hugging and they wanted to show there were no hard feelings from Nolan kinda shoving Baez to keep from falling over