Bigfoot encounter at the Oregon Caves, Part 1

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 19, 2014
  • This is Part 1 of a documentary from on psychologist Matthew Johnson's Bigfoot sighting at the Oregon Caves. Johnson and a film crew went back to the place it happened to tell his story and it includes Johnson's video footage from Bigfoot research expeditions he took after the sighting. His encounter has been called one of the most credible sightings of the last 20 years.


  • scott
    scott  18 hours ago

    That man looks as big and strong as a bigfoot

  • Rob Giles
    Rob Giles  yesterday

    This cry baby really rubs me the wrong way... I love a good big story but this guy...

  • Lori,nunyabuzzness Shinn,Richards

    It's my husband's ancestors,tree hugging clansmen

  • Lori,nunyabuzzness Shinn,Richards

    I saw this at Laurel Caverns in Pa

  • Bless This Mess
    Bless This Mess  3 days ago +1

    Are we so sure that these animals are Docile? I’ve heard conflicting tales of these creatures “taunting” ie.. throwing large rocks /boulders at campers and their tents etc... is it possible some of the multitude of National Forest missing people are being snatched?

  • Ruta Vitello
    Ruta Vitello  3 days ago +1

    Brother I know you afred and with your family prease believe in Jesus Christ name Amen

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez  3 days ago

    Sounds like him&family might have right outside it’s home... and don’t even know it... it came out cause they got to close...

  • Jay Carlsen
    Jay Carlsen  4 days ago

    Ask the Native Americans , these are a Primitive People. This Nocturnal Nation of People who are of a different MANNER than you , me , or any other Modern Human on the Planet. This is Esau as described in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah.

  • Bobby Shobe
    Bobby Shobe  7 days ago

    Hello From Hurdland Missouri , this place I would love to see . peace and love Doc :-)

  • Adam Vetter
    Adam Vetter  7 days ago

    Cool social experiment bro 👍

  • David Moser
    David Moser  7 days ago

    They protect us from bears and wolves, mountain lions, your children brought about the way he was acting as you hiked up the trail,he was grunting to warn off something dangerous you could not see it, but he could, consider yourself blessed by him ,loose your fear and make him a offering of something sweet and bread ,honey is good for his kindness to you and your family after the offering you will see him once more!!

  • David Moser
    David Moser  7 days ago

    They don't hurt anyone unless they are provoked...leave them alone they have been around since the beginning of man and woman and are more intelligent than most

  • Lonewolf 3% Allen
    Lonewolf 3% Allen  7 days ago +4

    It's already PROTECTED.
    Why do you think national parks are so large.

  • KEV -1976-
    KEV -1976-  7 days ago

    polygraph would sort this out...

  • captain blue gill
    captain blue gill  7 days ago +1

    bigfoot is not an ape or an ordinary animal like a bunny or a fox. he's the boss of the mountain - a forest spirit who can take physical form thats why no one will ever produce a body or iron clad evidence

  • Revolution Underground

    I don't think they should be protected if they take or hurt people.

  • Ernest pimlott
    Ernest pimlott  7 days ago

    This guy is telling the truth

  • Ruben Vasquez
    Ruben Vasquez  7 days ago

    Scared to death, crying and he and his family still went to caves???? Bigfoot was just on a hike???

  • Bilbow
    Bilbow  14 days ago

    What the hell kind of pussy men are on this planet these days? I am going after a 10ft. Big Foot in the morning, and I am going by myself. It has been seen by a neighbor and it has killed my beloved pets. I'm going to kill the damn thing.

  • Donna Kawana
    Donna Kawana  14 days ago

    Damn it man!!! Ur fear is unfounded. It didn't hurt u it didn't hurt u! Talk to him when u walk thru. The forest ppl have been here long be4 us. U admire u for trying to save him. Plz try an not hurt them. Please what the government doesn't understand it kills or puts out false information to the public to insure fear. Then their are the kill big foot ppl who got no clue what their talking about...... Big foots are protectors of the forests an it's creatures..... Please save our Forests an the family's that live in them.....