Joji - Head In The Clouds (OUT NOW)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 19, 2018
  • Joji - Head In The CloudsHead In The Clouds, an album by 88rising, OUT NOW: Head In The Clouds Music & Arts FestivalSeptember 22, 2018 | Los Angeles State Historic ParkTickets: Degrees & Rising North American TourTickets: http://88rising.comJoji is double happiness


  • Mr. Krabs  11 months ago

    I can't believe a man that fed rats to a midget can have such a beautiful voice

  • The Unknown  5 days ago

    The one that did it had the black goggles so that means it was the fake one

  • The Unknown  5 days ago

    Moon血液 no that was the imposter

  • Edward Shin  11 months ago

    Joji has so much talent it’s ridiculous.

  • Scarl3t_Sn00tchi3s  10 months ago

    Jhiin nah

  • Jason Todd  10 months ago

    Ryan Harty shut the fuck up

  • Septian  11 months ago

    Out of reach Out of timeMaybe I'm too high Out of mindOut of lineAlmost lost my sight I don't know why I do thisI feel like I might lose itOut of drugsOut of loveSo that's compromisedThe floor is raising The sky is falling The tides are turning My eyes are burning Head in the CloudsAnd I am not coming downI used to swim Now I'm ready to sinkI wanna give youWhat I can undo In a hasteDifferent tasteMaybe I'm too niceIn a mazeBitter daysI don't read your signsI knew that I...

  • Fauzan Bahamarianto  1 months ago


  • Annoyed Panda  10 months ago

    Bless your soul

  • Taylor Horn  10 months ago

    Can we all please move on from Frank and appreciate joji I mean he's bringing amazing music and he's actually enjoying it... I'm happy for him

  • Anthony Rivera  5 months ago

    Starting 2019 with my head in the clouds

  • Untitled Name Gang  11 months ago

    Its a Filthy Summer....Joji Summer.

  • larc zakhenova  10 months ago

    top ten anime ending song

  • Regan.  11 months ago

    And to think this is the same guy that was giving CPR to dead rats not too long ago.

  • FrankNBeans  1 months ago


  • Tom Bear  11 months ago

    Hard to imagine this guy was once Filthy Frank.

  • The Savage Mailman  7 months ago

    Story of Joji: I used to MEEEME now I'm ready to SING