How People Disappear

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 25, 2013
  • Follow Michael Stevens: and MORE stories below!Target story: population clock: to disappear:"A Certain Kind of Death": Imposter: articles about disappearences: transit: Jobs premature obit: premature obits: premature obits: Spears obit rumor: eaten by her own cats: not checked on for three years: story: Cerak and Laura Van Ryn: island twins separated at birth: switched at birth: missing: orbiting black hole gif: wikipedia: Wong's article about what you have to look forward to:*********MUSIC********"Giving It My All" by Max Brodie"Conversation 2" by Bob Bradley / Matt Sanchez / Steve Dymond / Sarah Wassall"American Tragedy" by David O'Brien / Johnny Lithium"Mystical Kingdom" by Paul Mottram


  • Sicao is dead  2 months ago

    Vsauce has now disappeared... from mainstream, non-premium, YouTube.

  • Derpal Shmerpal No, it’s D!NG and not anything else that might have led to demonization.

  • Crazy Core  10 days ago

    Or has he?

  • Skeleton island  1 months ago

    "How people disappear" *Duolingo laughs quietly from behind the door*

  • 1000th like

  • Optimus prime  5 days ago

    @master shooter64 XD

  • Spirited Spy  3 months ago

    You could say that girl was...Targeted?

  • Kenny van Leeuwen  5 hours ago

    Stop PUNishing us

  • Ciufu' de Padure  2 days ago

    Wtf is happening when i click on your comment different thigs apper

  • The Human  2 months ago

    Michael: How people disappear?Thanos: *snapping finger*

  • Teh Elda Skralls  4 days ago

    Eh just grab some human dust and boom, you found a nonexistent human

  • A Diamond  6 days ago

    @AnaqiTube TV it just keeps popping back up, doesn't it? Lol

  • BigSmokeVEVO  1 years ago

    How do you get lost lol just go back

  • Bastiana Boot  18 hours ago


  • Randy Wiechman  yesterday

    You're not lost if there's gas in the tank.

  • Izzie  1 months ago

    “How do you know you haven’t already disappeared”Bruh💀

  • Izzie  2 days ago

    Thebeast1738 Haha nice

  • My happiness disappeared

  • epical cyka  2 months ago

    Dad if your watching this...Im not suprised

  • @Pokemon trainer Orrin NO! You cannot simply butcher the english language. Theyre not even close to same,there are are proper times to use their words in a sentence!

  • RCPL 426  4 days ago

    Is this a joke or not? WTF this is creepy

  • ThomerTD  4 months ago

    I was expecting a tutorial "How To Disappear"

  • LogicMan 143  4 hours ago

    Hey man I'm not gonna lie, are you okey? Is there something wrong?

  • Omgitsjoetime T  4 days ago

    Me too. Very disappointed

  • Cammi Queen  25 days ago

    Me: Watches this videoMy FBI agent: Oh no

  • Anestaras SP  8 hours ago

    Its not s woooosh he just wondering who created this meme

  • FBI  2 days ago


  • Hailey  4 months ago

    I essentially disappeared 3 years ago. Changed my number, deleted all my social media, right after I left my parents home while they were asleep with a few belongings and no word, save a note on the kitchen table. I left behind most of my stuff, my bed, my family's pet's who I loved, the car I was paying for; (but was in my dad's name.) My toxic, alcoholic, abusive parents had no idea what hit them. They couldn't leech off of me financially anymore, nor use me as their scapegoat for their many shortco...

  • Hailey bruh that's so sad but good job you did what ya had to

  • Whitney Yvonne  2 days ago

    @Hailey Thanks. I'm happy that you are away from those that hurt you, and moving forward with your life. The ones saying ignorant shit, telling you to go back, have probably never endured such terrible things. They can't fathom leaving home, because their home life probably isn't a they wouldn't understand. Good luck to you in the future!stay strong!👊