How People Disappear

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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  • mrpurple11
    mrpurple11  36 minutes ago

    Great video, got some creep vibes at the end. I wanted to add that other times people dissapear because of the goverment actions for example in Argentina there are people who went missing during the militar ditartorship. And many of the victims´s children, who are now adults, dont know they are missing. There are many personal reasons to, when a police department in usa looked for the identity of the remainig corpes in Gacy´s basement they found out that a lot of gay men who were reported missing were alive and just run from home

  • Xxnato Calypse
    Xxnato Calypse  53 minutes ago

    If you get tricked you’ll disappear
    Read more

  • Miranda Phoenix
    Miranda Phoenix  9 hours ago

    Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit...

  • Thomas Walsh
    Thomas Walsh  9 hours ago

    so, no one gonna talk about the fact that _her freaking cats ate her?_ (4:37 btw)

  • GuacaMolly
    GuacaMolly  12 hours ago

    I look nothing like any of my family members. What if I was switched at birth or something? So weird to think

  • Ibrahim Abufarha
    Ibrahim Abufarha  16 hours ago


  • Disenfranchised Hamburger

    Is this a fucking JoJo reference?

  • Shawna Yager
    Shawna Yager  16 hours ago

    Thank you for doing what you do

  • Chay
    Chay  17 hours ago

    oh yeah

  • Adil
    Adil  yesterday

    Oh so you MISSING missing

  • -
    -  yesterday

    Theres people alive that no one knows exists. Probably atleast someone in the US that doesnt have a name or isnt regestered anywhere
    That's crazy

  • Gonzalo Gutierrez

    Rewatching this video after a very long time.
    Kinda expected a VPN shoutout

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown  yesterday

    Vsauce makes me feel so good about myself even when im suicidal

  • Pasta Man64
    Pasta Man64  yesterday

    Didn't the guy who came up with the idea for Action 52 disappear after making that game?

  • United Kingdom Ball

    The end sums up r/ wholesomestories

  • Depression Session

    What the fuck does the beginning have to do with people dispearing lol

  • Nice Nahyon
    Nice Nahyon  2 days ago

    this is one of my favorite Videos from Vsauce, even given the sort of sad Topic, Michael still manages to Keep this educational tone, raising curiousity and interest in a wholesome Level. Especially the end  with David wongs Statement ... it really moves me

  • Potato3625
    Potato3625  2 days ago

    I won’t be forgotten because I put this comment here! Yay..... lol

  • Jebaited{{
    Jebaited{{  2 days ago

    SCP-106 takes you to his pocket dimension obviously

  • Gavin O'Connor
    Gavin O'Connor  2 days ago

    It would matter if you were gone, but it matters much more that you aren’t.