This footage of the riot between Team Khabib vs Team McGregor wasn't captured by UFC Cameras,Dana

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 7, 2018
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  • Eric Mayo
    Eric Mayo  11 days ago

    I don't like Muslims. IDK I said it. Get the fook out our country

  • Eric Mayo
    Eric Mayo  11 days ago

    Fook them Muslims. Them the mfs that stole the aficans an put them into salvery. Fook them

  • Tan Xavier
    Tan Xavier  22 days ago

    tony fergurson sucks
    stupid bitch

  • OMG!!!!!
    OMG!!!!!  25 days ago

    UFC is racist

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later  25 days ago

    Khabib bro was jumping over the cage to chase Khabib. At that moment he was unexpectedly punched by Conor. Then Conor was attacked after his assault.

  • Francis khuhly
    Francis khuhly  27 days ago

    Conner too was arrested when he attacked bus... khabib deserve that.... f**k khabib fan

  • Tiago MasterBrandão

    U.F.C. U. Fucked Connor..... KHABIB DID IT.

  • Tiago MasterBrandão


  • Nintality
    Nintality  29 days ago

    I'm glad Conor punched that dude twice 😁👍

  • doc retrofuturo
    doc retrofuturo  a months ago

    really?... khabib had already jumped over the fence... conor was going over the fence and got pulled back down and seen the other khabib team mate going over the fence right beside him to join khabib's attack on his friends and family and he reached out to pop him.. and conor started the octagon brawl huh?.. nah bro, khabib started the octagon brawl..

  • Smite
    Smite  a months ago

    No one wants to see a conor khabib rematch because mcnuggets tapped like the irish bitch he is. The people want to see tony fergusson vs khabib and then after that who knows...if khabib wins maybe he'll face GSP and potentially become the goat.

  • Bibhuti Bhusan
    Bibhuti Bhusan  1 months ago

    Stupid..where is the first part in which khabib jumps over octagon to punch someone from Conors team and then the entire brawl started..

  • Bibhuti Bhusan
    Bibhuti Bhusan  1 months ago

    Good that ufc withhold the pay of Khabib for his unprofessional behaviour..he should be banned from ufc

  • Muhammad Makda
    Muhammad Makda  1 months ago


  • black sabbath
    black sabbath  1 months ago

    Tony vs khabib is must for ufc

  • Be The best
    Be The best  1 months ago

    Dana bitch must leave ufc org ....shame on u mother f.....

  • Nefal K
    Nefal K  1 months ago

    lol ok first off conor lost fair and square, khabib would have ended his career with a sweet short speech with something about being humble and shit, but he instead when apeshit and jumped on dillon danis mind you conors whole corner was there and only dillon was actively trying to fight, while owen roddy and the others were breaking it up if not khabib wouldnt and gotten up unscathed. and who cares what a nobody like dillon danis said, well dillon got what he wanted and khabib took the bait and reacted like a sensitive little girl when he should have handled it like how conor handled floyds bodyguard. and no doubt conor threw the first punch at abubakar as we saw from the video , but to say abubakar intention was to stop khabib is retarded, only he knew what his real intention was, plus there were plenty of other side to jump the cage to get to khabib, he was right next to conor for what ? to give him a hug ? all the bullshit aside, it was khabib who soured his victory by starting a brawl. who gives a fuck who hits who after. i hope both gets a rightful punishment, i hope khabib doesnt get stripped, i hope conor focuses on the rematch (fuck yall if anyone replies saying conor dont deserve a rematch, its gonna happen either way. its way too big of a story to pass) and i hope khabib has beaten conor back to his old hungry self, conor looked like he was stuck in the mud there on the feet

    • Nefal K
      Nefal K  1 months ago

      plus it could have been argued from the video it looked like abubakars intention on the fence was to flip and prevent conor from heading over the top of the cage hence eating a punch from conor, take a good look at his left hand and conors feet as he fall back into the cage. but like i said who gives fuck, its a fucking brawl.

  • Reply Freak
    Reply Freak  1 months ago

    Khabib great fighter

  • Habib Hussain
    Habib Hussain  1 months ago

    maa chut conor

  • NENE D
    NENE D  1 months ago

    I'm a girl so I don't know much .but in my opinion. Coner had him on-top of him . Coner had him in a very long leg lock . And the whole time the other guy. was punching of coners Fucking Face . And Not one fucking punch. coner through at him . Coner tiered his self out . By locking his self in . so his opponent. can punch off his Fucking face. Thats what tiered him out he was already tiered before that . Coner should have just given up . But he never wanted to . He would fight till the death of him . He lost McGregor lost . That's what I think . He is a sore loser. McGregor was completely out of order . Oh God