Game of Thrones S8 Ep6 (The Disappointment Finally Ends)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • SPOILERS!!! Arguably the most disappointing final season in television history, the final episode is now over. In my review, I will discuss some things that are good, but mostly what is bad about Season 8 Episode 6. (All topics are not covered and this only my opinion...)


  • paola monroy  27 days ago

    It was trash!!! They murdered the characters to the Max! Jon throughout the seasons became an honorable man, confident based on the decisions he made in past without questioning nor letting others get in his head. He ended as a puppet, manipulated and used by Tyrion , Bran and Sansa. Shameful! What happened to Dany was rushed!!! We don't buy none of this shit. Is such a let down, to rewatch the seasons and behind our heads knowing how it ends! Ughhh why bother .... they fucked up something that could...

  • Valkyrie Sardo  27 days ago

    In their effort to subvert expectations, D&D managed to lower expectations beneath the point of caring.

  • CPQ-Apollo  26 days ago

    You know season 8 is BAD when the highest rated episode is characters getting drunk next to a fire

  • John Hamm  26 days ago

    Too true.

  • almoody6872  26 days ago

    "The disappointmemt finally ends" This is exactly how I feel.

  • Nelly Alejandro  27 days ago

    This was horrible ... I hated it so much that I can’t even rewatch anything about this show Love your videos

  • Nelly Alejandro  24 days ago

    @Viking Finn I can't even watch them and feel sincerity anymore

  • Viking Finn  25 days ago This cheered me up. The epic scenes of early seasons.

  • Bigboy Ramboy  26 days ago

    It ended after season 8 episode 2, the night king killed them all.

  • mcsoupy  16 days ago

    @Bobby A I like it! Maybe they just all freeze to death and there isn't even a battle...

  • Bobby A  17 days ago

    Yeah, and especially watching the "Jenny of Oldstones" music video makes it seem like a great, beautiful place to end it.

  • I’ve been waiting for this video . Spot on , Dany & Jon this season were ruined !

  • Matt Johnson  18 days ago

    Jon Snow didn't murder Daenerys. D&D did!

  • Totally agree! They’ve assassinated Dany and Jon. Jon was built as the hero for 10 years ! The guy was resurrected! He was the prince promised , azor ahay ! And he finished beyond the wall with a horse and a dog ?!They didn’t care about the fans , they didn’t take time to explain anything about Bran for example: was he orchestrating everything ? Was he good ? Was he a manipulator ? How about the night king ? Nothing !

  • @petis1976 and future is pretty dangerous and a significant change by telling it to others would change the future into something unknown, it in the end had happy ending for realm, so why risk?

  • Kratatch  23 days ago

    "this guy talking about" Yea that was G.R.R.Martin lol.

  • yorkiblue  26 days ago

    It's sad that game of thrones will be remembered for how bad it ended..I was looking forward to getting the complete box I don't think I will. 😥

  • Sarah G  19 days ago