Game of Thrones S8 Ep6 (The Disappointment Finally Ends)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • SPOILERS!!! Arguably the most disappointing final season in television history, the final episode is now over. In my review, I will discuss some things that are good, but mostly what is bad about Season 8 Episode 6. (All topics are not covered and this only my opinion...)


  • Bernard de Fontaines

    Season 8: "Their Satanic Dumbasseries' Triumph"... "Dumb & Dumber" should be FORBIDDEN to take part in any script writing ever again!😠😠🤮🤮

  • paul b
    paul b  14 days ago

    Unfortunately man it happened it's over you can't pretend it ended after season 7. I wish it did end after after season 7. I was looking forward to going back and re watching it from season one as a complete saga. But season 8 was so bad I can't bring myself to do it and doubt I ever will. It's so bad once you have seen it you can't unsee it

  • Carl Manvers
    Carl Manvers  2 months ago

    In truth GOT was failing since season five. This just capped it all off.

  • JL Fbobby
    JL Fbobby  2 months ago

    Game of thrones ? I cannot remember...I forgot...and its even worth when you tried to find something valable in this desaster.

  • Dafydd Thomas
    Dafydd Thomas  2 months ago

    Jon Snow is NOT the heir. Danny nukes Kings Landing and proves she is the true Targaryen. And reminds us why Westeros overthrew the Tyrannical dynasty in the first place.

  • Octave Chan
    Octave Chan  2 months ago +1

    It made me no longer desire to play GoT music on my harp.

  • Sableleen Jacobs
    Sableleen Jacobs  3 months ago +1

    That's why I made my own story about the game of thrones stories in my notebooks

  • Summer Tyme
    Summer Tyme  3 months ago +1

    You like the Drogan melting scene...
    That's when I stopped watching your video. That's one of the scenes that functions as an IQ test given by D&D to see if you're dumb enough to enjoy their writing.

  • ScrapironRyann
    ScrapironRyann  3 months ago

    I can’t watch s1-7 knowing what happens in S8, no matter how hard I try to forget s8. It has completely ruined thrones to the point I wished I never watched it in the first place. My favourite ever scene before s8 came out was bran first entering the cave beneath the weirwood tree and meeting the three eyed raven for the first time, to me the dialogue used in that scene was so haunting and epic I absolutely melted and watched it over and over on YouTube , now I can’t look at bran without thinking, so what.. you knew you was going to rule the seven kingdoms all along!!! You expect me to believe that !

  • Lord CuckBucket
    Lord CuckBucket  3 months ago

    In season 7 they were talking about not taking the entire army to winterfell in fear Cersei would pull something and take the land Dany already conquered. So I'm assuming not only did a portion of her army survive winterfell but a good portion of her army was still south protecting the land she already took over in westeros.

  • Lord CuckBucket
    Lord CuckBucket  3 months ago

    wasnt the final episode always going to be an epilogue? I dont see how it couldnt of been? Lets say the final battle happens and Dany gets off her dragon... Jon immediately stabs her at the end of the kings landing battle.... everyone cheers Jon the new King... the end fade to black.. The fans would be out raged you didnt get to know what happens after wards which means an epilogue would of had to happen..

  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez  3 months ago

    And Arya’s infamous kill list...she only killed two: Walter Frey and Meryn Trant...

  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez  3 months ago

    Can’t believe they didn’t reforged the Stark ancestral Sword 🗡 Ice either.

  • Rubu Engti
    Rubu Engti  3 months ago

    I'm a die hard fan of GOT. D&D you guys ruined the great work of George RR Martin, Season 1-6 was epic, But last 2 Seasons are not that epic material because of D&D, Worst writing. Rating goes down to 9.5 to 9.4. Now no.1 is "Breaking Bad" and god damn it deserves.

  • mcsoupy
    mcsoupy  3 months ago

    DB Weiss said, "God dammit, we want a zombie polar bear!" Why not ditch the stupid polar bear nobody cared about and make Ghost have a more normal relationship with Jon? Who sends a dog into a battle anyway? That was stupid to begin with, but having him come back with one ear cut off was even stupider. Like a cartoon.

  • 54markl
    54markl  3 months ago +1

    George Martin’s next big project? He’s writing The Kill-For-Millions. George Iluva-Brandnewcar creates a Money Universe to make himself rich. But the Evil Show-Runners revolt and plunge the whole thing into Writing Hell. The Lost Continent of HBO sinks into the ocean and is never seen again. A lot of Elves with funny ears kill themselves.

  • 54markl
    54markl  3 months ago +1

    D&D weren’t in a hurry to get to Star Wars, they were just sick of Game of Thrones. Let the record reflect that their horrendous decision to ruin the best series on TV with an ill-conceived and uncaring rush job was exactly what it appeared to be .... Insanity.

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A  3 months ago

    My Better final episode:
    1)Tyrion should have gotten on a rowboat immediately and disappeared to Essos. Why would he confront Dany?
    2)It would have been better if in the throneroom Dany had a breakdown because she realized that she suddenly had a crazy "episode" when she nuked Kings Landing. And that she'd become her father after all..... Jon then feels bad for her, and they leave together with Drogon to go somewhere else to live quietly.
    3)Davos elected king. A risen commoner should be elected by the nobles. It would be a fulfilling ending. Not like creepy Bran. And it would drive home the main idea of the series that monarchies just aren't worth the trouble.

  • Luna Sphere
    Luna Sphere  3 months ago

    Btw, when you referenced "this guy" who talked about the Butler doing it.. That was George R. R. Martin that said that. Hehh.

  • Luna Sphere
    Luna Sphere  3 months ago +1

    I thought it was really stupid how Drogon melted the throne.. Just personally. Like your GOT Vids,thanks again for your input.