17 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • In “The Bells” — episode 5 in the final season of "Game of Thrones" — we are treated to another monumental battle. We break down the hidden meanings and references in this fifth installment of season 8, including 17 details that GOT fans may have missed. Beware: Spoilers ahead.It was impossible for major characters to escape death this time around, and we saw some of our favorite characters — Jon Snow, Daenarys, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion and Varys — confronted with new challenges that push them to the brink. There are major callbacks to previous seasons, showdowns we've been waiting for (Clegane Bowl), and hints for the season finale.Read more: https://www.insider.com/game-of-thron...------------------------------------------------------#GameOfThrones #GoT #INSIDERINSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: https://www.insider.comINSIDER on Facebook: https://insder.co/2NyYczEINSIDER on Instagram: https://insder.co/2xN5qFBINSIDER on Twitter: https://insder.co/2xyN5wEINSIDER on Snapchat: https://insder.co/2KJLtVoINSIDER on Amazon Prime: https://insder.co/PrimeVideoINSIDER on Dailymotion: https://insder.co/2vmKnZv17 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed


  • Tiny Chowdhary
    Tiny Chowdhary  3 months ago +4055

    A moment of silence for all those fan theories about Jamie killing cersei .

  • Meriadec d'ar Faouet
    Meriadec d'ar Faouet  3 months ago +1498

    Well, I think Arya actually killed Cersei. A brick has no name.

  • Prashan Thapa
    Prashan Thapa  3 months ago +1255

    In case of a nuclear war, only cockroaches and Arya will survive.

  • Erdin M.A.
    Erdin M.A.  3 months ago +893

    Dany took Misandei's last words to a whole other level 🤣🤣

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith  3 months ago +727

    I thought it would have been cool to have the white horse snatch off his face & it was Jaqen H'ghar....."To save a girl a man can be a horse."

  • muzzammil khan
    muzzammil khan  3 months ago +6475

    Detail no. 18:-Tyrion is now the tallest in house lannister
    Edit:-wtf...too many likes🤯

  • Raghu Raj
    Raghu Raj  3 months ago +336

    Still pissed off by the death of Oberyn Martell...

  • Xaiano
    Xaiano  3 months ago +564

    Bran: "I am the most useless character"
    Entire golden company : "hold our helmets..."

  • vivek mahto
    vivek mahto  3 months ago +582

    The best scene of the episode was between Jamie and Tyrion ❤️❤️

  • Liz Wolchko
    Liz Wolchko  3 months ago +209

    In medieval and Renaissance paintings, Saint George rides a white horse, as he slays a dragon.

  • Jay2da P
    Jay2da P  3 months ago +4365

    You missed 1 thing. Varys was trying to poison Dany. He had Marta take her food but she wouldn’t eat. “The greatest rewards take the biggest risks”

  • George G
    George G  3 months ago +398

    Cersi: Ser Gregor, I command you!
    Mountain: Hold my Qyburn .

  • Brennen Pell
    Brennen Pell  3 months ago +47

    Qyburn being killed by the mountain mirrors Frankenstein and his monster.

  • Brian Baraka
    Brian Baraka  3 months ago +255

    The fight between the hound and the mountain looks like its straight out of Mortal Kombat

  • Aesthetic Soul
    Aesthetic Soul  2 months ago +9

    Jon Snow's Script for Season 8:
    "Fall Back"
    "I don't want the throne"
    "You're my Queen"

  • Γιωργος Τσικνακης

    Shoutout Bran for sending a Horse Uber for Arya

  • UK man loves goddesses
    UK man loves goddesses  3 months ago +645

    "When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me & destroy those who have wronged me. We will lay waste to armies & burn cities to the ground." Daenarys in season 2 episode 4

  • Moana Mayer
    Moana Mayer  3 months ago +215

    The white horse may also be a reference to Drogo’s first gift to Dany. And Quaithe warned her about the pale mare.

  • Barack O Mandela
    Barack O Mandela  3 months ago +228

    Brienne of Tarth is pregnant by Jaime Lannister. Their child will be head of House Lannister and Lord of Casterly Rock.

  • Aesthetic Soul
    Aesthetic Soul  2 months ago +6

    People : Do you want to rule winterfell, Lord Bran?
    Nope. Three eyed Raven, remember?
    Later : Do you want to rule the six kingdom?
    Bran : Hold my wheelchair.