Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors - Full Game 5 Highlights | June 10, 2019 NBA Finals

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
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  • Eye of Sauron  5 days ago

    house of highlights should change your name to lightning house of highlights. so fast upload

  • rudie schaken  22 hours ago

    @Ali better stream it here

  • Beardio  2 days ago

    The warriors would be well ahead if these pro basketball players made they’re free throws

  • One punch anime  4 days ago

    Big respect for KD playing even his injured...

  • StealthyTB  8 hours ago

    @freedom now Shut that mouth of yours

  • Em Christobal  13 hours ago

    Of course he played. He let a bunch of twitter trolls get under his skin.

  • Cheshire Cat  4 days ago

    Warriors play became lively when Durant comes back. Get well soon Durant!

  • @Nathan Exde dont give a fuck weak one or not.

  • @Francis Montes thank you.thats the same thing a said to everybody that he can play where ever he want.

  • Angel Rodriguez  4 days ago

    Thank you for not including the Durant injury. Sad to see

  • Confucius say  4 days ago

    The 4rth quarter could use it's own upload. Epic game. Appreciate the consistency and quickness!

  • jblvs  3 days ago

    Please subscribe to my channel and get all your friends to sub please make my channel grow

  • Brusko661  4 days ago

    Klay and draymond on the last quarterDoing evrything they got.

  • Hasmik Margaryan  3 days ago

    Dont disrespekt curry

  • Pansy Blackwell  3 days ago

    Got to give credit where credit is due @Muffin Top

  • Enrico Gura  5 days ago

    When you enter jordan mode but then your coach ( /teammate ) calls timeout...

  • Kristopher Pasia  17 hours ago

    @viva laoldies Yeah...blame Kawhi....Because he is highest in points,rebounds, playoffs

  • djxxxplicit  4 days ago

    @Jason Allen just stating facts u sour Raptors fan. Tell ur coach to make smarter decisions during crunch time 😂

  • antlivejj  4 days ago

    Don't like KD because I'm spurs fan, but he's that dude. Gell well!

  • Blaze  4 days ago

    Sooo everyone just gonna ignore the fact that Demarcus nearly cost them the championship?

  • Blaze  3 days ago

    either way Demarcus and cold blooded and GS need him at this point. Definitely top 3 if not the best centre in the league. Especially when in form and confident in his form

  • SSA INVINCIBLEx  3 days ago

    @DropEm 2k That's because the Warriors shot jumpshots moron what you don't understand logic and common sense or something?