Khabib jumping out of the Octagon wasn't as bad as Conor McGregor throwing objects at a Bus,Lee

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 13, 2018
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  • Jeff Linnell
    Jeff Linnell  10 days ago

    Conor ,princess of the UFC .disgusting display of hate crimes .what is up with nyasc. disgusting what is allowed from Conor

  • Iker Muniain
    Iker Muniain  14 days ago

    50 cent fake black money

  • highpower 456
    highpower 456  24 days ago

    spanked conor like he stole something

  • highpower 456
    highpower 456  24 days ago

    dana is a scumbag and hel wash lee up too....

  • Malik Shariff
    Malik Shariff  25 days ago

    Never send khabib location👊never let khabib off the bus🚐👊

  • TheSquad4life
    TheSquad4life  27 days ago

    Yes rousey the poster child for preferential treatment lectures us, the fucking paragon of an employee who received equal treatment by an organization . Fuck Conor but stfu Ronda

  • Angel O
    Angel O  28 days ago

    The end!!

  • Julius Khan
    Julius Khan  28 days ago

    Ronda and misha are irrelevant. Gtfo

  • Thomas Kirby
    Thomas Kirby  28 days ago

    What khabib did is a tiny bit worse he could have sparked a mass riot between the public where people could have been trampled to death/punched/glassed ect and is very lucky no such thing happened. you might say well nothing like that happens but that is far from the point as a member of the ufc from fighter to security even the people who clean the toilets you have a responsibility to ensure the fans safety at all time. Conor was a really bad incident but was confined to about 20 to 30 people who are apart of the ufc work force and the worst that could have happened unfortunately did witch was a couple of nasty cuts but that is still no excuse

    • Thomas Kirby
      Thomas Kirby  14 days ago

      Angelo Maraboli i wasn't defending Conner your right. Was just saying it's a different ball game when members of the public can get hurt

    • Angelo Maraboli
      Angelo Maraboli  21 days ago

      Well the same thing (riot) could've happened when conor jumped out the cage to confront Aldo but was grabbed by security! Do you remember that?

  • Maximus
    Maximus  29 days ago +5

    Ronda is so right here! Say what you want, but she never put innocent people in danger like Conor.

  • Onur Kara
    Onur Kara  29 days ago +2

    Those who critisizing Khabib for his reaction are Insincere.. We all know Khabib has not responded to any of those ugly talks and harrashments until the fight. But those unrespectful, ugly McConor side with no morality kept being naugty even after the fight is over. It was time for them to keep shut and respect Khabib's pure victory but they just didn't!..

  • razzle dazzle
    razzle dazzle  29 days ago


    AGATH0R  29 days ago

    This is so true, throwing a dolley thru a bus window, r u fukin kidding me, way worse, also dana white was basically "allowing" connors guys to trash talk the man's family and religion wtf!!!! Connor is a fukin cockaroach hu cant even fight well past round 1, Khabib "True king"

  • Ryzen Young
    Ryzen Young  29 days ago

    Only Dana said what khabib do in UFC is more worse than conor do during bus attack...because brain of dana is under ass of conor.

  • Adrian Alonso
    Adrian Alonso  29 days ago

    Oh bruuh Im so tired of Matt Serra and Miesha Tate talking. Trying to stay relevant after their retirement.

    MANN MANN  29 days ago

    That is common sense.we know which is the worst

  • Joe Sizlack
    Joe Sizlack  a months ago


  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley  a months ago

    We really don’t need Conor vs khabib 2. I would hate to see that. Tony vs khabib is definitely a better fight. Khabib vs Tyron would be good too

  • Christian McDonald
    Christian McDonald  a months ago +1

    Ronda Rousey always says it like it is #legend

  • ysituation
    ysituation  a months ago

    No one gives a fuck if you retire kevin lee