MLB Ejections Part 4

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 3, 2016
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  • Chien Lee
    Chien Lee  4 days ago

    Sharing some interesting videos for batting data :D
    1. Batting averages
    2. Homeruns

  • Baseball 4Life
    Baseball 4Life  7 days ago +2

    The Orioles can’t beat the Marlins even when they cheat

  • Paola Jimenez
    Paola Jimenez  21 days ago

    Pues No me lo creo que se pueda decir nada más que el conoce bien

  • Paola Jimenez
    Paola Jimenez  21 days ago


  • The-Rabbit /Easy cooking

    ive played myself and... at about 90% of those i just have to ask....why tho?

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith  a months ago

    Let the fucking players resolve their own disputes. It's the way the game was played in 1906, 1952, 1961 and 1972. I've been intentionally hit before in games, and would've been pissed at the pitcher if I hadn't because the two teams had a dispute going on. Just as long as guys aren't being hit on the head or on their hands. To not hit me would be dishonoring the baseball codes and the game's history, which makes baseball the magical sport that it is. History and respecting history matters in baseball, and as an 80 year old, it's something that youngsters have lost because they played video games in the outfield instead of having their dad's explain the game to them and why history and honoring the past matters so much. I love the story of Tom Glavine once throwing a ball over his buddy Dale Murphy's head because he didn't want to hit him during a dispute as he was his friend. Murphy went to the Braves clubhouse after the game and started a fight with Glavine, despite Tom being his friend, for not hitting him and disrespecting the codes and the game's history. MLB, the umps and far too many of the players are wimps these days. Ty Cobb, Cy Young, Honus Wagner, Don Drysdale and Satchel Paige would be rolling over in their graves if they knew what is going on today. They need to get rid of this bat flipping and pitchers yelling at guys they strike out. If you hit a dinger, you act just like Jose Altuve did vs. the Yankees to end the 2019 ALCS. No pumping of the fist. No watching the ball go out. Just running at a steady pace around the bases.

  • News Now Tammy Lynn Lynn

    Just one more reason I hate big league ball they give way to much power to the bull shit calling fing carp umps

  • Patty Master 1234
    Patty Master 1234  a months ago +1

    Please do coaches getting ejected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GiDD
    GiDD  2 months ago +1

    Every. Play. Should. Be. Reviewable.

  • GiDD
    GiDD  2 months ago

    Angel Hernandez literally looks like a Neanderthal. Check it out

  • anonyme du711
    anonyme du711  2 months ago +1

    at 3 minutes between 6 and 8 seconds there is not a problem? You not find? look a good when he talks to Angel Hernandez and not telling me than this a chewing gum or candy he spits because it is clear that this is not the case
    sorry for my inglish but i'm french

  • flash torpedo
    flash torpedo  2 months ago

    If I played baseball and a umpire called a ridiculous call and ejected me I would of has assault and battery

  • joe goppo
    joe goppo  2 months ago

    A.M. is a piece of crap..He should be plunked more often

  • kgrkid
    kgrkid  2 months ago +1

    Vin Scully, a true class act in the booth.

  • Jonny Aston Martin
    Jonny Aston Martin  2 months ago +1

    Hi Chris, thnx for upload!! 😅✌️

  • Mark Lysyk
    Mark Lysyk  2 months ago

    Angel Hernandez deserves a line drive to the forehead!!!

  • Joey Loey
    Joey Loey  2 months ago

    Do these managers actually think that by adding their two cents, they can change an ump's mind? I think they probably just chat about something more important, like which fast food restaurant in the area is best. This brings to mind a movie, the title of which escapes me at the moment.

  • Billy Lane
    Billy Lane  3 months ago

    Billylane 445gmao

  • Sandy Ramlochan
    Sandy Ramlochan  3 months ago


  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz  3 months ago +2

    Do these BAD calls ever get the umpires Terminated/fired or publicly humiliated for screwing up soo bad ?
    I would love to watch a video where they get fired for it !
    If you agree give a thumbs up