9 Most MYSTERIOUS Islands On Earth!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 8, 2018
  • Islands throughout the world that are shrouded in mystery! From Mexico's creepy Island of the Dolls to the Naval Base on Diego Garcia

    #9. “Island of Socotra”- Off the coast of Somalia in the Indian ocean is an island that seems as though it belongs on another planet. Socotra Island has long been theorized as a location for the biblical Garden of Eden, and just by looking at pictures of it you can see why. The island is home to several species of plants that are can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. There are the Dr. Seuss looking Adenium socotranum which have big bulbous trunks and tiny gnarly branches that sprout from their tops and bear flowers that are a marvelous shade of pink. There odd appearance makes them kind of look like giant root vegetables. Then there are the Dragon’s Blood Trees which look like perfect natural umbrellas. The have trunks that resemble that of an average tree but their thick tightly bunched branches shoot upwards and form a mushroom like crown. Socotra is also home to three geographically unique species of bird: the socotra sunbird, socotra grosbeak and socotra starling. There aren’t many other creatures that inhabit the island other than that of bats and insects and the last time it was home to man was around the year 100 A.D. Adding to the mystery, the island has been the site of dozens of shipwrecks over the years.

    #8. “Palmyra Atoll”- Though technically not an island but an atoll that formed from coral the mysterious nature of Palmyra Atoll cannot be ignored. Also known as Palmyra Island, the breathtakingly beautiful ringlet sits between American Samoa and Hawaii. Though it is full of lush vegetation and appears unblemished by man the island has long be the subject of superstition and folktales. There have been several cases of violent shipwrecks and mysterious disappearances of ships on and around the island. Those who have observed the island and survived to tell their tale have claimed having seen some extremely bizarre sights like that of floating lights, ghosts and sea monsters. It is also reported to be the home of an incredible amount of sharks who may have developed a distinct taste for humans. There is also the story of lost Incan treasure that may still be on the island. These tales and others which cannot be discussed do to their graphic nature have made Palmyra the stuff of legend amongst sailors and Pacific Islanders for centuries.

    #7. “Vulcan Island”- Vulcan Island in the Philippines isn’t necessarily an island that is shrouded in mystery but it definitely is a mindblowing locale. On the northern Philippine island of Luzon there sits a lake named Taal and in that lake there is an island called Taal Volcano, inside this island is the world’s largest crater lake and inside of this lake there sits yet another island, known as Vulcan Island. Not only is Vulcan Island one of the most fascinating of natural recursion it happens to be located on one of the most active volcanoes in the entire Pacific Ocean. Because of this fact it is incredibly dangerous to visit Vulcan Island as it has been quaking and bubbling consistently since 1991.


  • lovekoh you
    lovekoh you  10 hours ago

    Filipino here...
    i dont really believe that
    taal volcano is creepy and scary you can even go there and go camping. and is so beautiful and relaxing..

  • The Dog's Bollox
    The Dog's Bollox  13 hours ago

    Hey was that Koh Dok Mai, Thailand in the thumbnail??

  • Sapere Aude
    Sapere Aude  yesterday

    If EPSTEIN ISLAND isn't listed I'll be very disappointed 🤣🤪

  • srishti
    srishti  yesterday

    Chagossians were expelled by British govt from their own land so that US build a military base. They are still trying to return, arguing that the forced expulsion and dispossession was illegal. US used this base during Gulf wars and Iraq wars. So selfish and inhuman!

  • sheena burger
    sheena burger  yesterday

    Here’s a question.... Do fish sneeze?

  • Bangtan Queen
    Bangtan Queen  yesterday

    imagine if the people from easter island made the statues because they thought "yo, you know what would look sick? a giant version of me...right over there" and then everyone else was like 'yooo, one of me too!"

  • Dana Lisa
    Dana Lisa  yesterday

    poveglia itsland, seems like a perfect place for a creepy MK ultra operation!

  • Bettina Fullerton

    Typical America.

  • samera macadato
    samera macadato  2 days ago

    nakakatakot lng nman ang taal volcano pagpumutok. but it is one of Philippine tourist spot.

  • Steve Lamperta
    Steve Lamperta  3 days ago

    Obviously you never read about the garden of eden .

  • KateOwlNebula9
    KateOwlNebula9  3 days ago

    Easter Island's Pacific ancestors were among the best navigators on earth: birds, "underwater lightning", winds, stars, reading water were some of the many natural navigation methods. They also created beautiful maps, one of which is at the Met in NYC.

  • Khristine Buban
    Khristine Buban  3 days ago

    2:24 remembered Prof McGonagall

  • John Chohon
    John Chohon  4 days ago

    Dude we would all appreciate it if you tried not being spooky and just telling the truth 😂

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    yurkie shigen  4 days ago

    The islans of dolls wtf ohh noo

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    Ann Msp  5 days ago

    Ayyyyy I went to taal lake

  • charles blatchley

    diego garcia is used for a forward submarine base to deploy out of and it has a satellite tracking system as seen in the picture. nothing crazy there just a bunch of drunk british and american military. when i was there i was told its a virgin island as in no one has been born there and anyone who gets pregnant is immediatley taken off of the island

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    God is already hiding secrets from us humens and we most not trust god from hiding these secret from all of us and trust me everyone around the world you all have to trust me pls im helping you all just trust me

  • Greg Hamilton
    Greg Hamilton  5 days ago +1

    Seems it doesn't take much to qualify as "mysterious" these days. I've coughed up more mysterious stuff!

  • faithalba18
    faithalba18  5 days ago +14

    Socotra is an island apart of the country of Yemen and also man does live on there, there is a population of about 50,000 Yemenis

  • Patricia Gail Mendoza

    I live at Philippines and Taal is beautiful place and if you been at the Taal volcano you are wrong its not even producing lava by the way so offending