The Try Guys Try Karate

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 2, 2019
  • The Try Guys get in touch with their inner warriors (and bad guys). Will they be able to break a wooden board after only one day of training?!

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    Knowles Karate Academy
    Michael Knowles

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  • Alex Power
    Alex Power  22 hours ago

    Ive discovered that every fucking person who has never done a martial art does the first kata the exact sAME WAY

  • AISY.D
    AISY.D  yesterday

    How do i END conflicts

    me:By FIGHTING

  • Star's Galaxy
    Star's Galaxy  2 days ago

    zach's obsession with jayden is so far but i kinda wanna see them meet as it just sounds so cool

  • Fox Fang
    Fox Fang  5 days ago

    I take karate and i watched this hoping to know all the commands, none of the names of moves are the same but all the actual moves are the same. I recognized all of them

    As a white belt we also broke boards, but all of us tried a few different ways
    1. Knee: we used whichever knee and hit the board from the bottom
    2. Fist: of course we punched the board
    3. Elbow: we stood with the board either behind or beside us and we rammed our elbow into it
    Sadly our sensei’s didn’t let us use our heads

  • TheEpicNatalie 12

    I took karate from when I was 8 to 11 yr old but I had to stop because my instructor quit and I was just about to be promoted to the next belt and the next belt was 2 before black

  • Chiarella Von Schweetz

    Y'all can we talk about the thumbnail, I still couldn't stop laughing everytime I see it 😂

  • Mark  Wallis
    Mark Wallis  6 days ago

    The try guys need to try jujitsu

  • Drewdels
    Drewdels  7 days ago

    Did zach say the remake is Better than the original 🤬🤬

  • Anime Creatir
    Anime Creatir  7 days ago +1

    Original movie is better

  • Charmaine Rose Osio

    Next video The Try Guys try Taekwondo

  • Shweta Shaw
    Shweta Shaw  7 days ago

    I used to say "Kiya" instead of kihap when I first started learning karate back in 6th grade 😂

    Also I had different belt system. Started with white, then yellow, then green after that orange and so on.. we had 2 brown belts - brown white and brown black and then came the 1st Dan black belt.

  • Carolus Rex1708
    Carolus Rex1708  7 days ago

    Ice Breaker: they were practicing Tang Soo Do, not Karate or any style OF Karate

  • Meredith Sarbu
    Meredith Sarbu  7 days ago

    What kind of karate because i did karate and i do aikido

  • Stuti Shrestha
    Stuti Shrestha  7 days ago

    The teacher is not pronouncing the Korean words properly

  • Luxury Mattress
    Luxury Mattress  7 days ago

    I have broken an inch thick board in my Marshall arts class

  • Esmeralda Lopez
    Esmeralda Lopez  7 days ago +1

    I don't even know Korean but I can tell that the guy isn't pronouncing the words right

  • ILikeBurgers
    ILikeBurgers  7 days ago

    One of of the kata i knew in the video is Tekkikushodan

  • X0X0_ Ariana
    X0X0_ Ariana  7 days ago

    I do tang soo do 😂😂👌🏻

  • Sydney Hodges
    Sydney Hodges  7 days ago

    Ned: “ I’m more of a lover not a fighter”

    Ya right

  • hend bahri
    hend bahri  7 days ago

    eugene’s shirt quote should’ve been you are wrong ,iam right ,shut the fuck up lol