Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • Seth takes a closer look at the truly unprecedented level of corruption swirling around the president of the United States.
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    Trump's Week of Corruption Scandals: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  • deeva sood
    deeva sood  2 days ago

    I think he watched Wall-E for the first time and thought 'I can make a BnL Starliner but rename it to Trump Jumpers and steal everyone's life savings after polluting the Earth to the point of no return.'

  • gmjpharmd
    gmjpharmd  2 days ago

    Please, I beg everyone PLEASE to go out and vote. We need to get this guy out! He's embarrassing the American people.

  • cathy hurd
    cathy hurd  4 days ago

    Did I die and get shot into space?

  • Bas Buitenhuispop
    Bas Buitenhuispop  12 days ago

    Trump is more a ring master
    Because hes making a circus of the us

  • Ying Ying Wu
    Ying Ying Wu  17 days ago

    I wonder if Pence purposely making Trump look stupid, so Trump can be impeached and Pence can then become the next president?

  • Phil Clark
    Phil Clark  19 days ago

    This is why watching star wars on shrooms is a bad idea.

  • dome ENT. firm
    dome ENT. firm  19 days ago

    Earth is flat

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson  20 days ago

    trump amd pence are both fukn dummys

    MK ULTRA  22 days ago

    Just take a look at one of the online space monitors... How much more can be forced up there?

  • jeanne cheney
    jeanne cheney  23 days ago


  • jeanne cheney
    jeanne cheney  23 days ago


  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster  25 days ago

    It's an embarrassment to the country that this idiot is our president! What a joke...

  • doug keyes
    doug keyes  26 days ago

    Really seth you assume rudy has balls

  • Jenjen 100000
    Jenjen 100000  a months ago +1

    Space force sounds like a children tv cartoon series.

  • Mr. Hat
    Mr. Hat  1 months ago

    Im 2 mins in and where is the corruption?... hate misleading thumbnails

  • Rez Hoxa
    Rez Hoxa  1 months ago

    What a president 🤨😂😂

  • Jeanne Stellfox
    Jeanne Stellfox  1 months ago

    How on earth can these two men stand up there with a straight face and discuss Trump's command for them to explore the idea of a space force. Our entire White House has gone to pot - seriously - did they get an advance sample of Coke laced with marijuana or what??!!

  • ansahs ansah
    ansahs ansah  1 months ago

    Ok. The Commander should lead as expected. HEAD (the march) to Space. Please GO, fear not, you have followers

  • Daniel Lara
    Daniel Lara  1 months ago


  • Masato Indou
    Masato Indou  1 months ago

    What happens when a 5yr old trapped in a 71yr old grandpa's body becomes president