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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 20, 2017
    Launching TOMORROW 6.21.17 at 8AM PST
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    The Jaclyn Hill Palette
    Flutter Lashes "Intoxicating"
    Mac Extended Play Mascara
    Colourpop Topaz Bronzer
    Colourpop Blush
    Jeffree Star Summer Snowcone Highlight
    Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat "Iconic Nude"
    Tom Ford Blush Nude Lipstick
    Dior Addict Lipgloss 001

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  • Haydennful  (Jun 23, 2017)

    IDEA... You should do like a little mini series just on your palette, STRICTLY your palette, demonstrating the different looks you can do with it, from warm smokey to super fun and colorful. Just to show everyone just how versatile the palette is! Plus so many people have been buying it and will continue to buy it, so it will be relatable to almost everyone and even those of us who can't get a palette will enjoy it!

  • Nessa Gorr  (Apr 7, 2019)

    Yes! Her palette is the best!

  • Simra S  (Mar 21, 2019)

    Agreed I bought this palette and idk what to do w it anymore lol

  • c4arla  (Jul 22, 2017)

    Please can you make more tutorials with your palette!!!!!! <3

  • Thelma  (Jan 29, 2019)

    c4arla subscribe to my channel! I have multiple looks coming with this palette! 💜

  • Gabrielle Nicole  (Feb 21, 2018)


  • Jessica Cantell  (Dec 1, 2017)

    I always think I do my makeup okay until I watch Jaclyn...

  • Thelma  (Jan 29, 2019)

    Jessica Cantell same! Lol she’s so flawless!

  • Haylie Sargent  (Aug 25, 2018)

    For real

  • Kassy Lamb  (Jul 11, 2017)

    Could you please do a "natural look" using this palette? Or something that doesn't draw TOO much attention to the eyes? (I guess an easy, 5-10 minute eye shadow look)

  • Thelma  (Jan 29, 2019)

    Kassy Lamb subscribe to my channel! I will get a natural look filmed this week! 💛

  • Ivana Valencia  (Aug 1, 2018)

    OMG please

  • Katherin Reyes  (Jul 7, 2017)

    Jaclyn I do not understand why you get so much hate. I personally am not a loyal subscriber ( nothing against you but I just like to follow smaller youtubers) but every now and then I visit your channel and enjoy your content. Anyway I just wanted to say that you are amazingly talented and keep being the successful businesswoman you are. There will always be negativity thrown your way because of your success. As long as YOU know you are being authentic and genuine, then don't let others bring you down....

  • Cecelia Martinez  (Sep 20, 2018)

    Sadly people hate to see other succeed

  • Melissa Ray  (Nov 29, 2017)

    You are adorable. Love your pallet.

  • Kaitlyn Y  (Jun 20, 2017)

    Her: "Any spray that you have will do the job"Me: *grabs febreze*

  • Ari Cleveland  (Nov 9, 2018)

    Hairspray works

  • Lauren Mathes  (Oct 15, 2018)


  • Tamara Austin  (Jul 6, 2017)

    Literally the best palette I have I use it EVERYDAY except when I don't wear makeup at all which lately is NEVER!!!! You did an amazing job

  • Sabrina Stevens  (Jul 26, 2017)

    ive been waching you for years yoy were one of the first make up vids i watch an i loved all of them not just cuz thay where pretty. ever one make up vid look pretty it was to way you talk to use an how you was so down to earth an funny an embrace your natural beauty an now all the fame has gone to your head I know everyone changes it's part of life. but you should remember what God you all the Subscribe and comments and likes in the social media hits where Who You were and being Hollywood and looking...

  • alysa berry  (Jan 8, 2019)

    What happened to all the tutorials we were promised???

  • Sonia Childers  (Apr 5, 2019)

    alysa berry I was just thinking this lol I just bought the pallet yesterday and now I’m dissapointed

  • Misty Pollitt  (Sep 23, 2017)

    I'm confused.. You said you went in with Roxanne in your crease and said it was matte and then when you got to the lid you said you was using Roxanne and it was a shimmer.. I think you went in with Hillster on the lid..

  • Yvette Maciel  (Jan 31, 2019)

    That's what I was about to say, im using the pallet and re creating this look that I was like wait I think she means hillster which is next to Roxanne

  • Jess Goodwin  (Dec 26, 2017)

    Misty Pollitt yeah she said Roxanne as a mistake I think I noticed that too

  • Sam Bratzke  (Dec 25, 2017)

    Could you do a video with the blues and turquoises in your palette?

  • Thelma  (Jan 29, 2019)

    Sam Bratzke subscribe to my channel! I will get some blue looks filmed this week! 💙