Metal Detecting River Mega Hunt

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
  • Metal detecting on the river in search of relics, coins and other treasures. In this video I metal detect many Civil War relics and make some really interesting finds including some bottles. I also see some interesting wildlife. And yes, there is some more goopdy-goo.


    ORION SANFORD  21 days ago

    LMAO that Nilla said MD2020 .

  • Douglas Coble
    Douglas Coble  a months ago

    Hook a hose up jet boat i,v wonder why you have,n done it yet

  • Greg Pearly
    Greg Pearly  a months ago


  • rugman66
    rugman66  3 months ago

    If one of the civil war bullets would have hit a body, would it be deformed in some way, or retain it's shape as is the case with most of the ones you are finding.

  • Nodis Respect
    Nodis Respect  3 months ago

    Did I hear an Ace Ventura reference?

  • Casey Nunez
    Casey Nunez  3 months ago



    Don't be offended people the musical instrument is called a Jew's harp it has absolutely nothing to do with anybody being Jewish that's just what the old-timers called it timestamp 1314


    Some of that stuff you're digging through I am so glad we do not have smell-o-vision


    Is that a shotgun shell or the 12th Georgia Brigade

  • Derek Stocker
    Derek Stocker  3 months ago

    The bullet with the damged base, could it possibly have been fired back to front at all?
    In the heat of a battle could it possibly have been loaded back to front and then fired?
    Just a thought, as I have heard of people loading two bullets or even loading without putting charge in first.

  • Pick N Craft
    Pick N Craft  4 months ago +1

    I truly enjoy your videos and have learned so much. I love the song at the end of your video.

  • Dan Uchytil
    Dan Uchytil  4 months ago

    Why so many pistol bullets in this area ?

  • Ticho Plays
    Ticho Plays  4 months ago

    Nice video :) always interesting to watch i cleaned up alot of a german forest with my friend found a big coin spill some loose coins some shell casings and some bottles :)

  • Joe La Bianco
    Joe La Bianco  4 months ago +3

    Need to make t shirts with capture

  • Joe La Bianco
    Joe La Bianco  4 months ago +1

    Always a treat watching your videos
    Navy vet

  • Eric Flowers
    Eric Flowers  4 months ago

    I got one of them small pointer metal detectors the other day for 5 bucks.

  • RuhrpottSondler
    RuhrpottSondler  4 months ago

    Thanks Form YouTube nice Video ... greeting Ruhrpott Sondler

  • Metal detecting PA
    Metal detecting PA  4 months ago

    Hey aquachigger, would you say that your finds are usually better in or out of the water?

  • captain edwardo
    captain edwardo  4 months ago +1

    3:27 that appears to be a .36cal conical bullet probably from an 1851 navy 4:08 appears more like a modern 45acp

  • Adam Weston
    Adam Weston  4 months ago +1

    Hi chigg,I swear to god that you missed what looked like a larger coin when you got the Indian head out,wind back the footage and see for yourself..I might be right or I might be wrong but it certainly looked like a coin or perhaps a metal shim .