Conor McGregor - Mental Warfare part 1

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 17, 2017
  • As many i'm a huge fan of the superstar Conor McGregor. One of the things i'm really impressed about is the way he mentally breaks his opponents before and during the fight. This is a compilation of his Mental Warfare.

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  • Mixed Martial Edits
    Mixed Martial Edits  10 months ago +165

    Hope you guys like my videos, I’m just a huge fan like you guys who likes to share his enthusiasm for the sport. Just made a new Youtube channel were I will remake some old videos and off course post new videos in the future. Check it out!

  • At Virtually
    At Virtually  58 minutes ago

    It's safe to say that Conor beat Jose before the fight even happened

  • Ilovefijiwater
    Ilovefijiwater  4 hours ago

    He's so demonic 😂

  • Rexelele
    Rexelele  yesterday

    You are the only guys who couldnt put the whole Aldo vs. McGregor fight in xddddd

  • Leon Tsang
    Leon Tsang  yesterday

    He was living rent free in Aldos head for months!

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton  yesterday

    Featherweight Conor was a god. Look at 0:37 he never looked or performed better than he did at 145.

  • Jordan Thistle
    Jordan Thistle  yesterday

    Man when connor dropped weight to fight dustin, I really didnt think he could do it. If anyone has ever had to cut weight before, it's not easy and that may have been one of the most drastic weight cuts especially with someone who has a low body fat %. He didnt even look like the same person. Go back and look at his face, it's so crazy. The level of commitment that takes is just crazy. I wish fame didnt catch with so fast because, time and time again we see people who go from nothing to everything end up burning out quickly.

  • ÉBomViverEmBracara Avgvsta

    otário otário

  • ÉBomViverEmBracara Avgvsta

    tu vai morre

  • Alex smith
    Alex smith  5 days ago

    9:40 she wanted him so bad

  • Jordon Nicolosi
    Jordon Nicolosi  6 days ago

    Can someone tell me who the guy is at the very end of the video at 15:11 with his arms crossed mad as all hell that Conor won?

  • Ro Dil
    Ro Dil  6 days ago +3

    He really predicted a lot of his fights though it’s nuts

  • luzso t
    luzso t  7 days ago +1

    I miss the old Conor

  • YouTheReal
    YouTheReal  7 days ago

    This man made me to watch UFC

  • David P
    David P  7 days ago +1

    The good ol days

  • Mike Reichert
    Mike Reichert  7 days ago +3

    Him taking the belt from Aldo’s at the press conference is so Iconic. I bet they’ll make a movie on Conor like Will Smith did Ali when Conor is old and retired...if they do I called haha..

  • Vizard Hasan
    Vizard Hasan  7 days ago

    Conor Stop beating on old man you pussy

  • ramjam25
    ramjam25  7 days ago +1

    I'm going to change his face

  • ramjam25
    ramjam25  7 days ago +1

    I'm going to change his face