Bobby Orr revolutionized defensive position

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017
  • Revolutionary defenseman won Stanley Cup twice in Boston, captured Norris Trophy eight times, scored memorable goal falling down in Game 7


  • Misha Stone
    Misha Stone  yesterday

    Amazing. You can tell the guy really lived the dream.

  • Steve Price
    Steve Price  1 months ago

    I had forgotten how good he was...I loved the Bruins even though I was in Canada.

  • Lawomenshoops
    Lawomenshoops  1 months ago

    Today's NHL rules and medical advances during Orr's time, Orr would set career records nobody could touch! I think he still holds the record for most points and assists by a defenseman in a single season!

  • Robert Gosselin
    Robert Gosselin  1 months ago

    I had the honour of meeting Bobby Orr in 2000 & having a photograph taken with him. After my kids' being born & my wedding day this is the third highlight of my life. On that day I felt I was shaking hands and talking with a God.

  • M. Ael
    M. Ael  1 months ago

    Regrets at the end of my life:
    1- not watching Orr live.
    2- not watching Senna live.
    3- not watching Earnhardt live, especially at D & Tall.
    4- not watching Ray Charles live.

  • RickRoll A-Rod777
    RickRoll A-Rod777  1 months ago +1

    Bobby Orr's inaugural Season was the last time the Leafs won a Stanley Cup, that's why the Leafs cup curse I nicknamed the "Orr" Curse because a once in a lifetime defenceman changed the way defencemen played the game and from that point on the Leafs have been one step behind defensively ever since

  • Bjblues
    Bjblues  1 months ago

    Orr was a punk.

  • M.Alexander Zagorski

    Orr was the most complete ''non-goalie" par excellence!

  • Critical Path
    Critical Path  1 months ago

    And he is a genuinely good human being. His charitable works and donations have only recently come to light. He has been quietly giving for decades, not making a big deal of it, not for photo ops or publicity, but because he is a nice man.

    I'm a lifelong Habs fan but I must say that Bobby Orr is the greatest.

  • IT'SME
    IT'SME  1 months ago

    Cherry said he found Orr in the showers before a game autographing sticks that the other team sent over.

  • super extreme David Piacenza

    Nice to hear Fred Kusick again.

  • Spencer Herren
    Spencer Herren  1 months ago

    Absolute stud. Cannot wait for hockey. Go Sharks!!!🇺🇸✌️

  • NYR21135
    NYR21135  2 months ago +3

    If you don't say Wayne Gretzky is the GOAT, the only other acceptable answer would be Bobby Orr

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis  2 months ago

    2:58 no wonder he scored 100pts 6 times in this era. The opposing team is barely giving chase and the goalie didn't even try. The sport has come a long way. This era was rough...they were not athletes. Nick Lidstrom was miles better than Orr.

  • Tyler Perry
    Tyler Perry  2 months ago

    Almost as good as Paul Coffey

  • Saul Lipschitz
    Saul Lipschitz  2 months ago +2

    The players would target his knees because they couldn't stop him . What a cheap way to play . He was head and shoulders above everyone else. The cheapshot artists shortened his career .

  • Pat Brennan
    Pat Brennan  2 months ago +2

    no luck about it bobby,'' you were simply the best.''

  • RoboCock
    RoboCock  2 months ago

    Roman Josi would school this overrated twink

  • RecoveringGenius
    RecoveringGenius  2 months ago +3

    And even a nicer guy!!

  • Tom Boston
    Tom Boston  2 months ago

    Great vid, but they missed a few clips that really showed the greatness of Orr. On one play, one of the Canadiens had a breakaway from well beyond center ice as a result of a bad pass by Orr. The guy was miles ahead of everyone until Bobby turned on the jets. He chased him down in about 3 or 4 strides and took the puck back. That player was Yvon Cornroyer "the roadrunner" who was widely regarded as the the fastest player in history. He was NOTHING compared to Orr. But the best stuff Orr ever did was "ragging the puck". When the B's were shorthanded, Orr would take the puck and skate the full length of the ice moving through the defense like they were pylons. Then he would continue and head back to his own zone, and head back up ice to do it again. And then again. He would hold the puck for the entire 2 minutes, and then sometimes score at the very end of the 2 minutes. Nobody before or since could hold the puck for 20 seconds, nevermind 2 minutes ! The most incredible thing I've ever seen in any sport ever.