Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - No One Said Being a Jedi Was Easy | The Completionist

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 14, 2019
  • It's been a while since we had a self contained and canon Star Wars game. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order gives us that and so much more. The main draw is the customization for your lightsaber, because who never wanted to create their own? With Respawn at the helm, they nailed it. Using force powers in combat feels so natural and the planets you explore are so rich in their environments it's fun to find secrets. But of course with all the characters introduced in the game from Cal to the Inquisitors the best one stands out on top: BD1!

    Let me know what you thought about my Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order review!

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  • The Completionist
    The Completionist  1 months ago +295

    What is your favorite Star Wars game?

  • JMD
    JMD  8 hours ago

    👹🤺🌞 Awesome Thanks

  • Adam Howes
    Adam Howes  22 hours ago

    BD1 is cuter than Baby Yoda

  • PhazonSpaceSystems

    I don't give a shit if Vader was fanservice or not. I'm always ready to be serviced by Vader fucking shit up.

  • bigredgrumbo
    bigredgrumbo  yesterday

    21 deaths, wow. I've died tons of times on the second easiest mode! I'm fairly shit at games so to be expected tbf :)

  • Resolute Cub
    Resolute Cub  yesterday

    nobody... Does expect.... The empirial inquisition....

  • Covo Converged
    Covo Converged  2 days ago

    He still called it the wrong name it's "Jedi flip" This was made with jokes in mind

  • Speedzone Speedforce

    Stop mentioning TLJ it added nothing new to star wars why does everybody keep saying that.

  • joseph barker
    joseph barker  2 days ago

    I bet theres a Strategy Guide for this game, that might have been a lot of help to you.

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones  2 days ago

    I used the same paint job for BD-1!

  • mrmeteor64
    mrmeteor64  2 days ago

    It’s not self contained there are reference and plot points related to the Star Wars the clone wars tv show.

  • Windhoof
    Windhoof  3 days ago

    I like the hidden Star Trek games on the shelf XD

  • GameState
    GameState  3 days ago

    72h played to 100% complete the game on master difficulty. It was an absolute blast, just wished there was more.

  • Dan Arredondo
    Dan Arredondo  4 days ago

    He said force jump.. but the game calls it a Jedi Flip..

  • Grenade King
    Grenade King  4 days ago

    I got the double blades light saber on Bogano

  • RugbyDudeDC
    RugbyDudeDC  5 days ago

    Isn’t that Titanfall 1

  • Lord Saza
    Lord Saza  5 days ago

    i do like this game alit but i wish that we get a star wars game where you create your own character, light side, dark side, or neutral and u throughout the game there are certain things that try to pull you to the opposite side

  • Lego Clone
    Lego Clone  5 days ago

    Ilum is Starkiller base, change my mind

  • William Dinkel
    William Dinkel  5 days ago

    Why the hell would you want cosmetics to have gameplay effects? I hate when there is a really cool outfit in a game, but choosing it forces me to have unwanted stats or abilities. Stats and cosmetics should never be inextricably connected

  • William Dinkel
    William Dinkel  5 days ago

    The game was too short. Only problem with it