How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Cody Auger, chef/owner of Nimblefish in Portland, Oregon, breaks down 11 whole fish and turns them each into a single piece of nigiri. Watch as he scales, fillets and prepares Red Sea Bream (Tai), Threeline Grunt (Isaki), Golden Eye Snapper (Kinmedai), Young Gizzard Shad (Shinko), Sardine (Iwashi), Horse Mackeral (Aji), Trevally Jack (Shima Aji), Yellow Striped Butterfish (Takabe), Beltfish (Tachiuo), Bigfin Reef Squid (Aori Ika) and Bigeye Tuna (Maguro). He also demonstrates how to make Tomago, a Japanese egg omelet.

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    How to Make 12 Types of Sushi with 11 Different Fish | Handcrafted | Bon Appétit

    Cody Auger, chef/co-owner of Nimblefish


  • Clemens Kindermann

    Great skills! I'm getting so hungry right know!

  • kanal zatvoren
    kanal zatvoren  8 hours ago

    I started off by watching minecraft, 4,5 vids here i am wtf

  • Pusheen Poopes
    Pusheen Poopes  15 hours ago

    Btw who else was here watching while looking in the comments lol

  • Kuma Ծ‸Ծ
    Kuma Ծ‸Ծ  23 hours ago

    I can just smell the raw fish through the screen....

  • azdgariarada
    azdgariarada  yesterday

    That'll be $75 please.

  • Poco а Poco
    Poco а Poco  yesterday

    Take a shot everyone he says fillet

  • lastimosa
    lastimosa  yesterday

    its so cool watching the fish change color or move after he pours the hot water, it reminds me of like the color changing hot wheels

  • GVO
    GVO  2 days ago

    pleasantly surprised that i was able to watch through the whole process. it also helps that his voice is very soothing and calming to the ears.

  • Lisa Leung
    Lisa Leung  2 days ago

    I'm surprised there's not much blood in this video.. it was a pleasant surprise

  • Tired Tyler
    Tired Tyler  3 days ago

    Unintentional ASMR

    SHEVVI I  3 days ago

    Did anyone know that real wasabi is actually very expensive and that the wasabi we usually eat is just horseradish. So sushi restaurants that have expensive sushi add real wasabi to their sushi

  • Oliver Parekh
    Oliver Parekh  3 days ago

    I love sushi and I love what you create - its astonishing and I get it but you literally touch each fish 5-7 times or more and then at the end you squeeze it with rice in your hand another few times ... hope you proper washed your hands before ;o)

  • Ange DIYS
    Ange DIYS  3 days ago

    As Lucas from NCT said... IM SUSHIEEEE

  • Greta Kcomt
    Greta Kcomt  3 days ago

    This was absolutely beautiful

  • Giau Vo
    Giau Vo  4 days ago

    I can not understand why ppl can dislike this educational video...

  • Spirit Zee
    Spirit Zee  4 days ago

    Math teacher: **monotone voice**
    Me: **falls asleep**
    This guy: **monotone voice**
    Me: **pays full attention**

  • jims asian wife
    jims asian wife  4 days ago +1

    He is doing it wrong. I am from japan and it commonly done with a pickaxe

  • Mark Ricardo
    Mark Ricardo  4 days ago

    What knives are being used?

  • Screwcurry
    Screwcurry  5 days ago

    Every restaurant has been using those same towels with the orange stripe

  • TheExtremeEvoker
    TheExtremeEvoker  5 days ago +2