What Retailers Like Amazon Do With Unsold Inventory

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 14, 2019
  • Every year, Amazon and other retailers end up with billions of pounds of excess, unsold inventory that they’re sending straight to landfills, or incinerating. Returns in the U.S. create more than 5 billion pounds of waste in landfills each year, and more than 15 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. The problem is only growing as Amazon leads the way in bringing more shoppers online, where the rate of returns is 25%, compared to just 9% for in-store purchases. Now, the e-commerce giant and other tech companies and retailers are increasing donation efforts and using data and A.I. to cut back on the wasted inventory clogging our landfills and our planet.

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    What Retailers Like Amazon Do With Unsold Inventory


  • Shanti Cardoza
    Shanti Cardoza  23 hours ago

    Hi CNBC, give me a slot to cover some very serious issues of 3rd world countries. Please check my channel with same name. Thanks

  • Dan Sutton
    Dan Sutton  yesterday

    While the elite globalists are pushing for their global warming tax onto the 99%, they're getting richer and living in extravagant excess: i.e. beach front penthouses, private jets, super cars, they poison the world's water and food supply with fluoride and GMO, they poison our air with chem-trails, and amassing weapons of mass destruction like never before. Those who preach are the ones who should lead by example, but hypocrites never do what they spout. The human race is indeed doomed, this is fact.

  • M- Nice
    M- Nice  yesterday

    At 8:40 what is this guy talking about???

  • GrandMasterLynx
    GrandMasterLynx  3 days ago

    Best thing to do is Dumpster Dive to see what you can save/resell

  • Master J
    Master J  3 days ago

    Guess they forgot about auctions

  • Oyekan Stephen
    Oyekan Stephen  4 days ago

    This are goods that can be shipped to Africa, my country Nigeria. We patronise used items more than anything basically because of cheap price... I wish I could be able to buy and ship directly from AMAZON...

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang Nguyen  6 days ago

    Why is this in my recommendation ?

  • delpieru
    delpieru  7 days ago +1

    Many people lack an understanding of a capitalistic economy or market. If your goal is to make profits, why give away something for free, why prevent ur customers to buy more in future by offering today’s product at a lower price? That’s exactly what these companies are trying to prevent.
    Think abt it this way. If you were a food truck vendor and create a new menu each day with everyone flocking outside your truck to buy, why will you keep or save leftovers knowing people will be coming the next day for something new.
    The problem my friend is not with these companies, it’s us the consumers. If majority of the consumers decided they were satisfied with fewer fashion options and avoid buying things they don’t need to leave an impression towards those they prob hate or don’t like with money they DO NOT HAVE since most of these purchases are happening with credits.
    That’s he only solution to the problem. But then again that won’t be too capitalistic right?

  • AriannaAyers
    AriannaAyers  7 days ago

    I am disgusted with myself! As a huge Amazon customer, and one that returned 127 boxes of items in 2019, I am part of the problem to a huge degree. Very educational. My behavior is going to change.

  • L Hal
    L Hal  7 days ago

    What to write and do so these horrid facts reach the most people... go video gogogo

  • Magic Meow
    Magic Meow  7 days ago

    Donate the clothes to people who need them send them to poor countries..There alot of people who need clothes.

  • pratibha thokchom

    Waste throws inventory.. Better keep somewhere whoever want to take free.. Most of people need all this items poor people. Like me

  • No DAD Not Tonight

    If inventory are piling up retailers should donate it to the poor and homeless people and , not burning and throwing into land or ocean.


  • Joel Armstrong
    Joel Armstrong  7 days ago

    Why is CNBC so obsessed with Amazon?

  • lane8376
    lane8376  7 days ago

    So not only are major companies profiting big time off the hard work of its employees they are also destroying our environment due to returns and unsold merchandise. I once worked for a company where I had to destroy brand new bikes.

  • Iquey
    Iquey  7 days ago

    Walls of shame / "770s". It's very sad that stuff had to be tossed or sent out if it's dirty or has a minor flaw. Also makeup that gets opened and touched... Nobody wants it! Businesses and consumers are partly to blame. Businesses for buying too much and customers for tampering with stuff or being too picky, or shoplifters'just plain stealing and switching out their own worn clothes.

    At least Nordstrom has a Nordstrom rack and Last Chance store. I learned we even do a thing called "pack and hold" where distribution center will hold excess product for a year or half a year to re release it for sale later. We also have Prada sunglasses at Nordstrom rack. We're like a weird in between type of off price store that higher end brands will secretly allow themselves to be found at. The only drawback is just all the theft temptation.

  • Shawn Green For US Senate

    This same industry is driven by slave wages. These individuals enslaving and destroying our world will be placed in camps and put to hard labor for the rest of their natural lives....

  • TINY and ME
    TINY and ME  7 days ago +5

    They do this to keep their business making money

    They wont donate its a business

    Think about it

    If they gave it away for free, why would we pay for it.

    Sad but true

  • centpushups
    centpushups  7 days ago

    If I could get some of that ralph lauren I could make a fortune in a small amount of time.

  • Neil Sumanda
    Neil Sumanda  7 days ago

    or they cud send that as promo packages..