The Time Will Harris Lived with a Sex Addict in Malaysia | Joe Rogan

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 24, 2019
  • Taken from JRE MMA Show #68 w/Will Harris:


  • jglitch0
    jglitch0  3 days ago

    Sounds like California, have a roof over your head but struggle to budget for groceries at the dollar store, after having half your work cut from you living pay check to pay check out here the reality is you'll rationalize not eating for 3 days because it can save you any where from 15 to 30 dollars and enjoying a 5 dollar pizza on the 4th day. I'm waiting for my tax returns to save me on car payments lol.

  • JonPaul Ashworth
    JonPaul Ashworth  5 days ago

    Everyone saying how he a bum and a manipulator my mans straight up traveling the world w hot girls and paying no money he’s living an adventure

  • chris sprenger
    chris sprenger  6 days ago

    I feel like this was a well fabricated story 🤷‍♂️😂

  • Sicko Gamer
    Sicko Gamer  7 days ago

    When you have 10 LUCK in FALLOUT.

  • Kyle
    Kyle  7 days ago +1

    dude was basically a sugar baby most of his life

  • kasper C
    kasper C  7 days ago +1

    I know guys like this but not half as successful at the bs

  • Brian Goh
    Brian Goh  7 days ago +7

    Pitbull almost lost his "Mr. Worldwide" title to him

  • Pa M
    Pa M  7 days ago

    What a piece of shit..

  • Dog Obi
    Dog Obi  7 days ago

    No ones gonna watch this
    Watched by 2.1 mill

  • african music tv
    african music tv  7 days ago

    Yea it’s easy to be addicted to sex in Asia , as a black man from Africa, sex is not given as freely in Africa like it is in Asia

  • nott the goblin
    nott the goblin  7 days ago

    I mean I understand why a man would want that but listen common from a bad bitch if she starts crying because you won't give it to her again run

  • Roblox Dad
    Roblox Dad  7 days ago

    Plain and simple so many girls have funded men’s dreams ! We need these thots y’all !

  • Michael David Cruz Cordova

    2.3m Views "Nobody gonna watch this...."

  • clinton kotcha74
    clinton kotcha74  14 days ago


  • Hasse Jr
    Hasse Jr  14 days ago

    I know
    I do

  • Steve T
    Steve T  14 days ago

    This guy is gay.

  • SageVibes
    SageVibes  14 days ago

    This is surprisingly such a motivational video for me, he shares his genuine struggle of being lost which so many of us are now. How he doesn't even consider how long it took him to be where he is but just learning from everything he experienced. We all want success right now but when he said "you don't deserve to get paid yet" it all just hit in such a narrative way. I just want to say to everyone feeling lost, anxious, stressed about what there doing with their lives, just take your time be patient, hone your skills through passion and dedication and keep striving. When you have become success you will have it.

  • Butthole Surfer
    Butthole Surfer  14 days ago +1

    Does his shirt really say apeman??

  • The Vanity
    The Vanity  14 days ago

    He got tax return money AFTER he committed tax fraud. Makes sense..🤔

  • Rafy Aqwa
    Rafy Aqwa  14 days ago

    His story was so much better than the video title