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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 12, 2018
  • In December of 2013 the Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens combined for over 20 points in the final two minutes of regulation in one of the craziest finishes in NFL history!

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  • NFL Throwback
    NFL Throwback  11 months ago +94

    Check out more crazy endings here! -

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga  4 hours ago

    I watched this live, crazy crazy game

  • blooneyful
    blooneyful  16 hours ago +1

    Crazy. Ass. Game.

  • Chris Edmonds
    Chris Edmonds  17 hours ago

    I would hate to have a bet on the under at this point lol

  • Madea Simmons
    Madea Simmons  21 hours ago

    That was awesome

  • KirasNote
    KirasNote  21 hours ago

    Wish the new stadium was outdoors and not "retractable roof" which is basically saying it will be covered all the time. I lost faith in the Vikings when they added climate control. They no longer have a chance of being the true Vikings of the north anytime soon.

  • Travis B
    Travis B  yesterday

    It was in Baltimore, so of course they threw a penalty flag after the Vikings intercepted it. NFL refs are as crooked as politicians.

  • Mark Santucci
    Mark Santucci  yesterday

    hey giants loser that was one game your title said history? where are all the other miracle endings including November 8th 1978?

  • Дороу Приветович

    Awesome 😂😂😂

  • Ryan TheIrishMan

    Vikings were dumb...
    Should of waved Fair Catch, brought out their kicker, not punter or field goaler. And try to tie it with a field goal....

    If they missed I mean oh wel, they weren’t running it.

  • Tedford Hyde
    Tedford Hyde  yesterday

    Should have been titled worst defense in the final two minutes of NFL history.

  • Troll Mctrollerson
    Troll Mctrollerson  yesterday +2

    When you leave at the 2:10 mark to go spend the money you won on the under bet

  • Steven Rosario
    Steven Rosario  yesterday

    2018 Vikings: "Hold my beer.."

    Biggest mistakes in NFL history

    2018 Vikings: "Hold me beer.."

  • Balaji
    Balaji  yesterday

    I guess at some point you forget who you are supporting because all you are seeing is blur ;)

  • Ronnie Civella
    Ronnie Civella  yesterday

    Change their name from Vikings to born loosers.

  • BattleDrone 7
    BattleDrone 7  yesterday +1

    This gave me so much anxiety

  • Resistant Emotions


  • Isaac Rajagopal

    5:08 *4 TDs

  • Kaden Clark
    Kaden Clark  2 days ago

    Why so the vikings have potential every year and always choke, still love them though

  • Charleston Gamer
    Charleston Gamer  2 days ago

    Lol so in other words the refs gave ravens the game.