Simon Cowell Doesn't Understand How to Play 'Burning Questions'

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 18, 2018
  • Simon Cowell is an expert at finding talent, but Ellen found out that Simon Cowell isn't the best at following instructions. Watch as the "America's Got Talent" judge answers "Burning Questions" about his first celebrity crush, and which member of "One Direction" he thinks is the sexiest.#SimonCowell#TheEllenShow#BurningQuestions


  • Gucci Eyebags  6 months ago

    Simon is so used to pressing the red button that if he were to be in the presence of the one in movies that blows up the world, he would press it without a moment of hesitation

  • Trinh Hoang  3 days ago

    Yeah but it is so funny XD

  • Clover_Chan  18 days ago


  • Abdullah Sikander  3 months ago

    He is fond of pressing the button too early!

  • Trinh Hoang  4 days ago


  • Adriana Garcia  13 days ago

    I think he just like red buttons

  • ImThAtPeEpBoii  4 months ago

    You Can’t Blame Him.He Is Used To Pressing The Red Button!

  • Jane Ni  5 days ago

    Lol also I’m the 3k’s like

  • priscilla ikhide  8 days ago


  • Sofia Vargas  6 months ago


  • Shehran Salam  11 days ago


  • Doing my part  21 days ago

    He was just kidding

  • WonderKid 405  3 months ago

    I was sitting there like “don’t push the button Simon. Don’t do it.” But he does it😂Edit: thanks for all the likes!!!

  • Mil R  28 days ago

    Did you tho?

  • TrisBerry #1  1 months ago


  • ιтz куку  5 months ago

    Ellen: Name three things you keep in your bedside tableSimon: *A picture of me, picture of me, and a picture of me!**CLAPPITY CLAP CLAP SIMON! 😂👏*

  • Nicole Shu  14 days ago

    Me: Narcissistic much, Simon?

  • Wipa4  1 months ago

    ιтz куку more like "fap-fap-fap I'm so good"

  • GoogleMeMate521  5 months ago

    Want some pie? Look how long the video is.

  • Lol 😂 That's smart!

  • EzNeptune AWD  3 days ago

    @MoonlightShadows1104 1104 r/iamverysmart

  • Mary  1 months ago

    Ellen: don’t press the button before you speakSimon: *so I press the button before I speak? okay*

  • Trinh Hoang  4 days ago

    I’m you’re 800th like

  • MrNikkimaxine  20 days ago

    Mary Thank you for doing that sweetheart talk to you versus in person if not then maybe next time

  • Miss Tiff  4 months ago

    Ok... So Simon's Brutally honest and thinks highly of himself.....Let's all be like him!Omg!! Thx for the likes!!!!

  • Lil Lady  28 days ago

    Nonody is brutally honest lol. You can be honest but nobody is perfect.

  • Joshua Lewis  1 months ago

    Everybody is already half of that.

  • Im Sunny Gaming  3 months ago

    No one else loves themselves more than Simon Cowell!Right😅😅😅 Wait... I got a theory.... Because Simon Cowell is like Gordon Ramsay, then they *both* love themselves more!!! 1st place 🏆

  • Sis do you know KIM SEOKJIN? Lol

  • @Jimin is everything that's what I was thinking