Reacting to our HYPNOSIS! ft. Emma Chamberlain & James Charles

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 4, 2018
  • Last we got hypnotized and we all did't remember what happened.. Or so some of us claimed.. This week we sat down to watch ourselves under hypnosis for the first time. Here are our reactions. 0:


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  • Amy Anthony-harpham


  • Amy Anthony-harpham

    I’ve never laughed so much in my life🤣

  • Sun Flower
    Sun Flower  2 days ago

    YASSSSS the sister scuad is back

  • Chloe Martinez
    Chloe Martinez  3 days ago

    james said he wouldnt lie on camera but he did when he was being hipnotized

  • Lulu Mpofu
    Lulu Mpofu  3 days ago

    I laughed my head of when James said ew Brayson 19:18

  • Andreja Zakaraite

    Gray:LOOK at ETHAN

  • Cassandra Dominguez

    Omg Grayson is such a sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I about cried when he said "cuz I love him" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    MCN STUDIOS  4 days ago

    Grayson wheezing is everything and Grayson and Ethan's impressions of james were amazing

  • Eleonore Kisting
    Eleonore Kisting  4 days ago

    Your hair cut looks hella cool Grey 😍

  • Arlis Fernandez
    Arlis Fernandez  6 days ago

    I'd feel so umcomfortable if I was Emma or James and constantly see Ethan and Grayson like being genuinely mean to each other

  • Sarah Lover
    Sarah Lover  6 days ago +24

    No one:
    James every 5 minutes: “look at mee”

    JIVANAVIJ YAY  7 days ago

    I feel bad for James because he is so ashamed..

  • Horseylover .junior
    Horseylover .junior  7 days ago +1

    10:55 who else saw when James grabbed Grayson's hand and tried to hold it but then Grayson jerked away? (I have this vibe that for sum James has a crush on Grayson and Ethan like of you agree!)

  • KaylaSue33
    KaylaSue33  7 days ago

    Ethan was so mean to Grayson in this video 😭 my poor baby lol

  • student Bria Pete

    i kinda fell into hypnosis when i watched that vid and i forgot a lot but i just watched it

  • sydney bottari
    sydney bottari  7 days ago

    i watch this just to see grayson in his kids see ghosts hoodie

  • simplyots
    simplyots  7 days ago

    James wanting everyone to look at him

  • Paul Hemsley
    Paul Hemsley  7 days ago +1

    I’m so so scared I can’t remember what happened for some of it was it possible for me to get hypnotised omg I forgot what happened at one point and I was watching it the whole time and I only seen what happened when I watched this omg I’m so so scared I don’t know could I get hypnotised🤔

  • Gabster 30000
    Gabster 30000  7 days ago

    James had been sister shook my Ethan and Grayson lol

  • Noah Wynhoven
    Noah Wynhoven  7 days ago +2

    James: we made a pact to be completely honest
    Also James: “i lied cuz I knew we were gonna watch it back”