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  • Published on:  Monday, October 1, 2018
  • Taming curly hair can be a real pain. In the first episode of the second annual Cocktober, I'm going to teach you how to do just that. Next episode of #Cocktober next week!MORE COCKTOBER▸ PU**Y SCENTED CANDLE:▸ MAKEUP TUTORIAL for STRAIGHT MEN:▸ WHAT IS COCKTOBER?:▸ My incredible merch: | Subscribe to validate my existence:▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Zach Zeidman for helping me shoot this. Also a huge thanks to Joe Hodorowicz & Cade Huseby for helping with production.▸ Watch my last video attempt: My second channel▸ steaming pile of social garbage▸▸▸▸


  • Drkwatch  9 months ago

    4:57 unreleased audio footage of my sex life

  • Call nINe eLEvEn

  • Josué Ortega  1 months ago

    Does your sex life involve calling 911?

  • CammyDesigns  9 months ago

    What about straight hair tips for curly men

  • RagingThunder  24 days ago

    @killer4hire90 \m/ Both look good. What's wrong with straight hair? A lot of people have naturally straight hair. Me included. My hairstyle is swept-back though, short hair of course.

  • killer4hire90 \m/  1 months ago

    Stick with curly hair

  • Louise  9 months ago

    This👏is👏false👏advertising👏👏. Everyone knows straight men have straight hair👏👏

  • RagingThunder  24 days ago

    @Ceaser tomasYou're the best argument of talk shit, get hit. Honestly, curly or straight hair. That doesn't have anything to do with guys attracted to a specific gender. Like, what the fuck is the relation between hair and preference? Men have naturally curly or straight hair. If you are serious, then please kill yourself.

  • dapn22 AJ  1 months ago

    My hair is super curly so -.- JOY BITCHJOY=*J*okes *O*n *Y*ou

  • Jim Karagkounis  9 months ago

    *How is this a straight guy tutorial with all that bisexual lighting?*

  • Ahmed Toma  23 days ago

    so Rachett #facepalm

  • so Rachett  3 months ago

    Jim Karagkounis Cause you don’t need lights or colors to represent your sexuality. You have to physically walk up to a person and see if you like boy or girl or both or none.

  • fernanda fuentes  9 months ago

    i love that at the beginning he's just fucking around but the tutorial is legit. I'm a woman but I'll be placing my hair inside a pumpkin from now on. Thanks for the amazing advise.

  • saif elgalaly  9 months ago

    please tell me this is actual advice and not a joke (except for the pumpkin one, that one is obviously a way of life)

  • Margarita Sutton  1 months ago

    @AnthonyPadilla how do you not now espnol

  • Dylan Padilla  4 months ago

    saif elgalaly I’m offended padildo? Hopefully nobody makes fun of my name now

  • Myer Loeb  9 months ago

    I've been disrupting the curl for too long, IT TIME TO END THIS MADNESS

  • AnthonyPadilla  9 months ago

    welcome to your new life

  • LilyRobson  9 months ago

    Okay but you actually have really good advice

  • Ninisw33t  9 months ago

    I am a curly haired gurl and I approve this message

  • J U  9 months ago

    dang, this is legit advice, dude did his research