I Went Back To 1st Grade For A Day

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 31, 2019
  • me and the squad went back to first grade for funLAST DAY TO BUY MERCH - https://shopmrbeast.com/After today you can no longer enter the merch contest. Good luck!SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG----------------------------------------------------------------► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS!• Twitter - https://twitter.com/MrBeastYT• Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mrbeast--------------------------------------------------------------------


  • Kaylee Keen
    Kaylee Keen  7 days ago +5063

    I'm proud of Chandler for making it to 2nd grade

  • Hanna Rocks
    Hanna Rocks  14 days ago +1867

    Mr.beast: everyone on earth get 10,000 dollars
    Chandler: 🚀

  • Rachel Haldorson
    Rachel Haldorson  7 days ago +2074

    I wonder if they paid these teachers more than they make in a year. 😂

  • James141410
    James141410  14 days ago +3367

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Garret: mY dAD oWnS A yaCHt

  • Oli A
    Oli A  28 days ago +1388

    This is how many of the teachers were blonde

  • Xiomara Serrano
    Xiomara Serrano  7 days ago +2484

    Chandler is hilarious but he always loses challenges and that’s sad 😔
    👇🏻=How many challenges he will win

  • jayzen 414
    jayzen 414  4 days ago +478

    Chandler fails 2nd Grade
    This is Chandler’s IQ

  • 〜 bunny〆unnie 〜
    〜 bunny〆unnie 〜  3 days ago +276

    Teacher: Okay answers are on the board!
    Chandler: goes blind

  • Torilynn Yang
    Torilynn Yang  2 days ago +84

    i HoPe ThE sEnIoR gIrLs TaLk To Us hehsnnenene
    -Chris 2019

  • Flicky
    Flicky  6 months ago +12075

    1st grade to 12th grade within a day, thats a wonderful dream.

  • CurryTheFurry
    CurryTheFurry  5 days ago +160

    chandler is my favourite
    because I can relate to him

  • Mythical Horizons
    Mythical Horizons  yesterday +16

    “I’m going into labor before y’all finish this test”
    I choked on my iced tea

  • 〜 bunny〆unnie 〜
    〜 bunny〆unnie 〜  3 days ago +167

    chandler made it grade 2 I’m crying oml I’m so proud

  • Red Prepps
    Red Prepps  14 days ago +318

    “ the British is coming ”
    Me: the British are watching

  • Tony Stark Rules
    Tony Stark Rules  14 days ago +302

    This is how much Mr Beast merch you will win

  • Sarah Wilkinson
    Sarah Wilkinson  2 days ago +21

    Beast:too easy
    Beast: naw I’m just thinking 🤔 too easy
    Also I’m happy for chandler! :)

  • Random Potato
    Random Potato  yesterday +36

    Mom: What are you watching?
    Me: Grown men Going Back To First Grade
    Mom: ....

  • Jiejie 11
    Jiejie 11  4 days ago +121

    Who learns how many bones are in the human body in third grade?

  • iamjennaeileen
    iamjennaeileen  6 days ago +260

    “I told you to put that camera away”
    “IM SORRY”

  • Sn0oPz
    Sn0oPz  yesterday +3

    I thought this was gonna be that kindergarten game, but he was ACTUALLY for real :0