Penn Jillette on What Trump is Really Like | Joe Rogan

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 29, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1343 w/Penn Jillette:


  • No,Isaidposse
    No,Isaidposse  an hour ago

    You have to take this with a giant grain of salt. I've seen many people with no reason to lie say Trump's a nice guy in private. Jillette saw him in that show environment surrounded by people with giant egos.
    Plus guys like Jillette don't care much for conservative types, in fact have a quiet distain for them that they never admit, so I'll bet with some elements of truth, he's picking out what he hates about him.
    In a room full of giant egos, on his show, Trump would want to dominate.
    I'm sure he's not warm and fuzzy but not the crazed loon Jillette alludes to.

  • KOLLUM13
    KOLLUM13  11 hours ago

    He’s a funnier comedian than you (pen)

  • John Sanders
    John Sanders  20 hours ago

    What these people don’t understand is Trump is a New Yorker through and through. Penn is jealous and an idiot

  • Dave Bolton
    Dave Bolton  20 hours ago

    Joes cool, but his anti-trump shit is OLD.

  • Costa Karras
    Costa Karras  yesterday

    How about we give Trump a taste of his own medicine and say YOUR FIRED!

  • Raine OShae
    Raine OShae  2 days ago

    those are signs of psychotic behavior..

  • Joseph
    Joseph  2 days ago

    Oh you went on to show atheists are kind? Man you a fool. This shite entertains you?? You sound and look like a middle aged egocentric boomer who hasn't reached maturity of thought and loves to listen to his own BS. You also demonstrate a pure lack of insight on Trump. Effing grow up dude

  • internetuser
    internetuser  2 days ago +3

    But what is Trump really like when he's not snorting adderall?

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds  3 days ago

    Fuck rogan! I don't want to know him at all! U think he wants to know u there napoleon pencildick?

  • mac11380
    mac11380  3 days ago +3

    Not true that he doesn't tell jokes, he was talking about getting rid of those efficient lights because people said it makes him look orange, I thought it was pretty funny.

  • ShayMan Preston
    ShayMan Preston  3 days ago

    Trumps the man

  • Tim Fronimos
    Tim Fronimos  3 days ago +3

    Penn Jillette and Ricky Gervais are my new patron saints... Oh sorry.

    Well you know what I mean.
    Good honest guys. Love em both

  • Bryan Queen
    Bryan Queen  4 days ago

    WOW JOE!!!
    All your bullshit of being open minded and fairness just went in the toilet with that comment..."I don't want to know him at all"
    Invite your President to your show invite your hopeful replacements to the show lets see what you discover during an interview.

  • Robert Mittendorf

    Why the trump syndrome joe.. you butt hurt too..

  • shane walsh
    shane walsh  5 days ago

    Joe don't be am
    a hole

  • jack frost
    jack frost  5 days ago +4

    Trump is the man!! Gangster style! He’s doing an amazing job...

  • Dahn Zhay
    Dahn Zhay  5 days ago

    Rude joe!

  • Dave Story
    Dave Story  5 days ago

    Your both idiots.

  • NASA official
    NASA official  5 days ago

    So basically Trump is the robot version of Santa in the Santa clause 2

  • glenn brock
    glenn brock  6 days ago

    penn is an asshole, holy shit