Donating $100,000 To Shroud In Real Life

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 4, 2019
  • YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW HE REACTED TO THIS LOLDownload Apex Legends for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox here: Merch - OR I TAKE YOUR DOG----------------------------------------------------------------► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS!• Twitter -• Instagram -


  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  4 months ago +37782

    Subscribe plz

  • IHasAPeanut
    IHasAPeanut  4 months ago +20215

    If this is blue ur gonna be a millionare

  • xGuardian
    xGuardian  3 months ago +3277

    1910 : we will have flying cars in the future
    2019 : we kill people for charity

  • Nathan
    Nathan  1 months ago +1301

    apex: gives money to mrbeast
    mrbeast: gives money to shroud
    shroud: buys some ingame store on apex
    apex: STONKS

  • ToxicSkull0
    ToxicSkull0  1 months ago +350

    Seeing Shroud’s setup behind the scenes is just breathtaking

    MONSTER KING  yesterday +13

    FORTNITR PLAYER: apex sucks
    APEX PLAYER:fortnite sucks

  • chad gamer
    chad gamer  4 months ago +1519

    Thanks for giving to wounded warriors they saved my dad.

  • Marygrace Tiomico
    Marygrace Tiomico  28 days ago +234

    Mr beast used the expensive and legal aimbot in the world FOR FREE

  • Squidy Woody
    Squidy Woody  2 months ago +231

    shroud play pubg
    R.I.P mr Beast wallet

  • Extifery
    Extifery  2 months ago +375

    I know you don't want me to get more kills, but i really want to win
    A gamers pride is priceless

  • Aditya Sundaram
    Aditya Sundaram  7 days ago +90

    EA: lets do a cash per kill challenge with shroud
    Shroud: obliterates everybody in existence
    EA: Houston, we have a problem

  • KVN
    KVN  4 months ago +2664

    Mr. Beast: changes the price to 10k per kill
    Apex Legends: Wait I didn’t consent to that

  • Joshua Franzcel Cruz
    Joshua Franzcel Cruz  2 months ago +195

    When Mr.Beast left and his friends left.
    Shroud: what just happened

  • Alexanardo 28
    Alexanardo 28  7 hours ago +1

    Apex- Gives money to MrBeast
    MrBeast- Gives money to Shroud
    Shroud- gives money to Apex
    Apex- stoinks

  • Mayhem the Destroyer
    Mayhem the Destroyer  1 months ago +69

    Imagine the players on the other side freaking out that they killed shroud when he wasn't even using the keyboard? XD

  • Giovanni Guerra
    Giovanni Guerra  2 months ago +173

    Homeboy said “for veterans” mad respect ✊

  • Ibtihaaj PlayZ
    Ibtihaaj PlayZ  4 months ago +2138

    Sponsors - How Much Money Do You Want?
    Mr Beast - YES

  • Smug Cat
    Smug Cat  2 months ago +173

    People in April 2019: Apex is the best!
    People in May 2019: Wait, what is an Apex?

  • Bishal
    Bishal  yesterday +1

    Mr.Beast saw Shroud Aimobt hack lol😙😙😙

  • Xknoxx Freaks
    Xknoxx Freaks  8 hours ago

    Shroud says.. ok...
    You know what he's thinking...
    Bro I'll drain all Ur money lol