Celebrity hair-stylist fixes my "horrible" hair

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 4, 2019
  • Celebrity hairstylist Prince Angel changed my world. And my hair.🔴SUBSCRIBE ▶ https://www.youtube.com/subscription_...Go follow Prince Angel: http://instagram.com/princeangelll▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagna for editing this and Cade Huseby for producing this.Hey▸ http://instagram.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://twitter.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://facebook.com/anthonypadilla


  • Harris Harris  4 months ago

    you should spend the day with e-boys and e-girls

  • JadeSister v2  10 days ago

    Omg yesss

  • L3mon Head  18 days ago


  • kingdvm  3 months ago

    boy i'm actually dead ass jealous of those curlslikeyou have definition aND vOLUME wOWOWOW

  • kingdvm  21 days ago

    @ღ MiSo SoPe ღ lol that's gr8!big mood tho.

  • ღ MiSo SoPe ღ  23 days ago

    Hehehehe my curls look like his 😏nah but it’s annoying to take care of, I honestly wish sometimes that I had straight hair. But it is booterfull 👌😩

  • Yui Ga-Noon  1 months ago

    Hair got wet and he instantly looked 500 times hotter I swear

  • Babda Bubda  15 days ago

    @NOTSO FUN Yikers

  • Everyone: his hair is trash.Anthony: calls a profecional celeb barberProfecional celeb barber: washes hair.Hair: stays the sameAnthony: OMG it is so different

  • Sema'J Hayes  6 days ago

    Does that mean he doesn't wash his hair

  • George Nichols  3 months ago

    “YoU DoNe FRiZed iT Up”

  • I read this right when he said it 😂

  • amy earnshaw  22 days ago


  • Pourya Bigonah  4 months ago

    Anthony probably cried for 3 days straight before filming this.


  • D I E G O  1 months ago

    //Gacha Nikki\\ he’s a YouTuber. Check him out

  • Ivey McCraney  1 months ago

    Ok but nah I love Anthony’s hair is looks so beautiful and majestic. Those curls are perfect.

  • Mr Staikos  17 days ago

    He permed it

  • Mushroom man  1 months ago

    I could've sworn that Prince died in 2016.

  • MaxSpider  29 days ago

    Apparently he faked it so he can live a peaceful life, following his new dream of bringing back style in the life of these infamous celebrities. Speaking of infamous, the hitler stache was a killer back in the day

  • Neo Izguerra  1 months ago

    haha prince died

  • Aaron  1 months ago

    Anthony: I might not know how to style my hair. Me: Well Anthony, you can always go back to your emo hair.

  • Valery_ Playz  18 days ago

    Aaron no

  • Samantha Perry  1 months ago

    I'm starting to think that it is a required qualification to have a personality when hairstyling