Modern Day Bridal Makeup Tutorial | Jaclyn Hill

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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  • Krystal Marie  9 months ago


  • Sofie Koep  9 months ago

    Yesss pls do a haul and favorites

  • Ashton Corinne  9 months ago

    Krystal Marie OMG YES

  • margaret pettipas  9 months ago

    Imagine having Jaclyn to do your bridal makeup for you.

  • Jasmin96961  5 days ago

    Hell no

  • sydney ann  7 months ago

    giveaway idea ????

  • Asher Sampson  9 months ago

    Jaclyn I would actually love to see you do life vlogs. Even if not daily but just occasional. The tutorials are nice but I’d like to get to know you more in a different way. Many makeup beauty gurus are doing this now and I believe it is boosting their popularity

  • Michelle Diciurcio  5 months ago


  • ashley fockler  8 months ago

    Asher yutuutsssesteytysteterteetyes cap. OrSampson

  • Fernanda Forner  9 months ago

    She’s like the Bob Ross of the makeup world

  • April Longoria  7 months ago


  • Victoria R  9 months ago

    Fernanda Forner so accurate

  • Rachel Chaconas  9 months ago

    Yes please more bridal looks!!! I’m getting married so all the looks would be awesome Jaclyn thank you love you!!

  • Pi for breakfast  6 months ago

    Rachel Chaconas, when are you getting married?

  • Karina Renderos  9 months ago

    I just watched a 40 minute wedding makeup tutorial....dude I don’t even have a boyfriend 😂

  • Renny Vargas  9 months ago

    I just watched it and I got married 9 years ago. Lmao. At least you know your will happen eventually . There is more hope for you

  • Jordan Ring  9 months ago

    “This shade Fiji only works on me when I have a little color. If I don’t I go in with the shade Fiji.” Ok Jaclyn we see the highlight just took over all brain function

  • Theresa Germain  4 months ago

    I had to rewind cuz I wanted to know the lighter shade of highlight. Haha haha. Thought I didn’t hear it right the first time. Silly girl.

  • 😂😂 Love her 😂

  • Esly Gomez  9 months ago

    Can you do a bridesmaids makeup as well? Thanks !

  • Kelsey Busby  9 months ago

    She’s back BITCHES!!!! Thank you Jaclyn for TEACHING us and giving us a true tutorial!!!!

  • JenniLeeann  9 months ago

    I think you should do bridal makeup for people who are on a budget, use a lot of drugstore products. And maybe wear it all throughout the day to see how it will wear. ESPECIALLY since brides will be wearing this all day. Wish this came out a few months before my wedding. 😪

  • Lauren Wiegand  5 months ago

    JenniLeeann yes!!! I can’t afford high end makeup and I’m suuuuupet oily so I need something that will stay all day and not smear off