'Baby It's Cold Outside' Banned | The View

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  • Published on:  Monday, December 3, 2018
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  • Beth Beads
    Beth Beads  55 minutes ago

    I want all rap music banned. Its totally offensive to women

  • adaywithaleks
    adaywithaleks  an hour ago

    Ofcourse go ahead and ban the Christmas song instead of a random song about sex, drugs, and everything else from nowadays..

  • keir100
    keir100  an hour ago

    More whining when the pc feminist monster they helped create just gets even more ridiculous,how about doing something creative for once and start producing shows with hosts that don't have a IQ below of 12.

  • PghGingerKid
    PghGingerKid  an hour ago

    Wow, lol, a Victoria Secret add played before this video. I'm sure a "View" video wouldn't be de-monetized. I'm surprised their view point supports "Baby It's Cold Outside" seeing as they are often Left leaning views.

  • Bieber Ninja
    Bieber Ninja  3 hours ago

    liberals want diversity, inclusion and equality.....first solution: ban a song that was written 74 years ago
    second solution: continue to encourage/ignore rappers who use the N word, refer to women as hoes and who glorify violence

    KRISTINA LOWE  3 hours ago


  • Patrick bumpus
    Patrick bumpus  3 hours ago

    #TheView But wheres the rest of the song when its the same vice versa. The song is aboot being aware of predators. Regardless of the sexx.

  • Zara
    Zara  3 hours ago

    They will have to ban most of the rap songs!!

  • American Made
    American Made  3 hours ago

    But every rap song... Come on really?

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez  3 hours ago

    Stupid show, and this people crying about a song, we have a big problem. Real problems in America like illegal immigrants, fake news, people need jobs, police officer been kill and a lot a lot more but this is what they want us to think about and not the real problems

  • drew trask
    drew trask  4 hours ago


  • JDK K
    JDK K  4 hours ago

    The left hates differences between a man and a woman. Men, like it or not will always pursue woman. Leftism goal is to remove everything that’s masculine and feminine. They attack all that’s good and support all that’s disgusting and sick. Not a mention of leftist amoral rap music which is largely demeaning. Sick indeed

  • 10 Days
    10 Days  4 hours ago +1

    But it cold outside

  • Annie Gillespie
    Annie Gillespie  4 hours ago

    PC at its worse... shocked The View girls weren't all over that and supported the song. There is hope in America that we can all get along.

  • Jim Fritz
    Jim Fritz  4 hours ago

    They really not gonna like Mo Bamba then. "Look it up on YouTube".

  • dani
    dani  4 hours ago

    blurred lines doesn’t have a woman arguing with a man about how she clearly doesn’t want to be there. These’s nothing implying that blurred line’s lyrics aren’t consensual. They’re def more straight forward and sexual. The big difference is in blurred lines you don’t know how the woman feels, while it baby it’s cold outside it’s made clear her stance while the man aggressively blocks her from leaving, gets uncomfortably close, and takes her stuff just so she doesn’t leave.

    • Jewells
      Jewells  an hour ago

      They were being playful 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Andra Clark
      Andra Clark  3 hours ago +1

      Please go hide yourself.

  • Lieutenant Prick
    Lieutenant Prick  4 hours ago

    Ahh yes, lets get offended over a song. But lets sweep under the rug the fact that the US has been funding Saudi Arabia's war in
    Yemen, which has killed 100,000+ people, injured many more, displaced millions, and has caused one of the worst Cholera outbreaks in recent history. Where's The View's discussion on that. Not interesting enough for you?

  • Ray Blevins
    Ray Blevins  5 hours ago

    I just felt like I was in bizarro world where the ladies of the view shot down some SJWs.

  • Cosmic Seer
    Cosmic Seer  5 hours ago

    I never thought I'd agree with the View on anything, but I'm with them on this one.

  • Stephen Gregory
    Stephen Gregory  5 hours ago

    You know... when a bunch of narcissistic psychopathic liberal cunts even recognize that this PC crap is going too far...
    Then you know it's going to far!