Sisterly Love? Kardashian Fight Compilation | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • The highs & lows of Kim, Kourtney, & Khloé - which fight do you think is their worst?

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  • Pokegirl4581
    Pokegirl4581  yesterday

    Kourtney thinks because she’s has money that she’s able to do what she wants. Ohh I google interior design and now I’m the fucking expert and can charge people money for it because I have no way else to make money due to being a lazy ass bitch. I also like to tell others how their house should look, say how it’s ugly and have an attitude all the time and then cry when people call me out because apparently I’m the innocent one.

  • Angie Moya
    Angie Moya  yesterday

    Si No Fuera POR Kim Ninguna Fuera famosa

  • Andree Kyle
    Andree Kyle  2 days ago

    Scott's voice reminds me cole's voice haha

  • Adsy Gee
    Adsy Gee  3 days ago

    At the end khloe looked like she put a burger bun on her face....

  • Briana Doherty
    Briana Doherty  3 days ago

    K..... But like.... What does Kourtney DO?

  • Maria
    Maria  4 days ago

    4:29 me when i have to act at something

  • hendery is an art
    hendery is an art  5 days ago

    kourtney and khloe are always a duo

  • obnoxious
    obnoxious  6 days ago

    *"i hate my sisters, they're so rude. you have no idea how much they humiliated me tonight. i never want to look at their ugly faces again".* okay me.

  • Xoxo Xoxo
    Xoxo Xoxo  6 days ago +1

    Kim looks pretty

  • bitchass hoe
    bitchass hoe  7 days ago

    I love kourtney, what’s her job tho?

  • moonlight  avenue
    moonlight avenue  7 days ago

    Kourtney is so irrelevant but Khol and Kim are just iconic

  • Yasmeen Baloch
    Yasmeen Baloch  8 days ago

    Is their house is full of camera I mean why every personal thing is captured ??? Are they doing it for a purpose??is it their way to get famous by showing how rude and cruel are they ?? I mean I am surprised it's all filmed so so already they know what they have to do # fight with each other say shit things for each other and get famous woah #not a good idea but all around the world their being watched. Easily famous

  • Embrace God
    Embrace God  9 days ago

    Taking notes... Kourtney's contouring at first scene is the worst thing eveeeeeer!!!!

  • Kyla Wiseman
    Kyla Wiseman  10 days ago

    Kardashian kids meeting oh dear god

  • Marit Streuer
    Marit Streuer  10 days ago

    5:45 'She's shook'

  • shaniquabee
    shaniquabee  11 days ago

    Scott IS Patrick Bateman. I mean... they’re both psycho???

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose  12 days ago

    Every time Kim argues with Kourt, khloe always has to lick Kim’s arse and rips shit into kourtney

  • rokuya rokuyo
    rokuya rokuyo  13 days ago

    all scripted. waste of time.

  • hadatha honda
    hadatha honda  13 days ago +1

    I’m watching this in class

  • shasaf 123
    shasaf 123  14 days ago

    Into first 10 sec, did just the cookie jars exchanged places?