I Gave A Homeless Man A Home

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 28, 2019
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  • toh zhen hong
    toh zhen hong  2 months ago +10018

    This is how many people who wants to be mrbeast's friend

  • Kiki Tabone
    Kiki Tabone  7 days ago +2196


  • Wavy Bimbo
    Wavy Bimbo  7 days ago +1072

    This how much people want to be mr beast’s friend

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
    FoxyPirateFox9054  7 days ago +1235

    Bobby: gonna get evicted
    Jimmy: I'm gonna end this man's whole debt

  • Ranbir Bhatia
    Ranbir Bhatia  7 days ago +1498

    This is how many people who think Mr. Beast is the greatest person to walk this planet

  • SinisterWheel
    SinisterWheel  2 months ago +13366

    This is how many blessings Mr.Beast deserves for being nice

  • Poison
    Poison  2 days ago +401

    MrBeast giving homeless man a home while Morgz making his parents Homeless

  • Nilesh
    Nilesh  7 days ago +409

    The happiness on that man's face
    Man is beast the kindest
    Pewds was DAMN right

  • MaxtheMaster7707
    MaxtheMaster7707  4 days ago +140

    MrBeast is the best man who ever lived
    He gets money
    The needy gets stuff
    The other 2/3 of us gets to watch good content

  • Koala Music
    Koala Music  3 days ago +68

    Bobby: =(
    God: I'm gonna make this man smile flick
    Bobby: =) =) =)

  • Keaton Toliver
    Keaton Toliver  2 months ago +11795

    This is how many people think mr Beast is the most thoughtful YouTuber

  • sopo baratashvili
    sopo baratashvili  6 days ago +154

    i just cried
    this is how much people love uncle bobby

  • Eleanora Glick
    Eleanora Glick  2 days ago +44

    You know what made me so happy?
    Bobby was hugging the stuffed animal with so much joy.
    I'm literally sobbing.

  • xd tagscleaning
    xd tagscleaning  3 days ago +94

    Other people: BAN FORTNITE
    Mrbeast: helps homeless and restoring hope in humanity!!!!

  • ai syah
    ai syah  7 days ago +105

    I cry because I can feel how happy he is

  • Gedis
    Gedis  2 months ago +5820

    this is how many homeless people beast gonna help

  • skrizzle 08
    skrizzle 08  7 days ago +91

    you should become the president of the u.s

  • F&G_boom_
    F&G_boom_  4 days ago +77

    Homeless guy: i hope someone helps me
    Mr. Beast: YES

  • TCN Chris
    TCN Chris  3 days ago +51

    It would be heartbreaking if brother bobby died❤❤❤❤
    Hope he lives for a long time

  • Alden '
    Alden '  yesterday +21

    Me: How do we know Bobby was homeless?
    My Charismatic Side: He said Brother, and I’m mean to be honest everyone who homeless says thank god and god bless.
    Me: True, True...