Rainbow Room Makeover! | Mr. Kate

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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  • Leah B  8 months ago

    I love that every room Mr. Kate does is so different!! On a lot of interior design shows all the rooms seem to be somewhat the same, and the designer just uses mostly their own style, but Mr. Kate really gets in the mindset of her clients and I love it so much!!!

  • Wesley Ligtvoet  3 months ago

    That's why I prefer Mr. Kate over Extreme Home Makeover, to me, moving people into their room with their eyes closed and "3-2-1-opening" them is way more fun than moving that damn bus

  • Ana Ana  3 months ago

    This is sooooo true. & all these on TV always have the same “old style barn house chic” esthetic. They’re all the same.

  • PuppyLover 771  6 months ago

    Anyone here while kate is pregnant?

  • Guadalupe Garcia  1 months ago


  • Guadalupe Garcia  1 months ago


  • Nika Ravinska  8 months ago

    Joe: *writes tall on tall and small on small*Me, an intellectual: *writes small on tall and tall on small because if you’re tall you need to sit on the small seat and if you’re small you need to sit on the tall seat*EDIT: love this video so cute!!

  • Olivia Swadkins  9 days ago

    Maybe it’s referring to the stool, small stool says small, tall stool says tall

  • Carrie Keefe  8 months ago

    This room is not my style at all but why do I keep watching? Because it takes all kind to make up this world and I love that Mr. Kate embraces all of them. She is beyond talented (can't forget Joey, too!) This happiness that was exuded in this episode was just wonderful. And can we just talk about how amazing Daphne's skin is? She's just the sweetest. Loved watching this. Thank you guys for always giving your all to everything you do. One of my most favorite youtube channels.

  • Klaw Foox  2 months ago

    Carrie Keefe I think the exact thing my style is actually mostly bohemian but there exited personalities make it so interesting! Spot on in the opinion 100% Correct ty for saying this it was rlly needed for more support for the and Also Quick fact! I’m an Original OG (original gangster) MR.KATE Fan! I’ve been following them from 4 Years! Almost 5!!! Love you mr.Kate your the most inspiring people in the world! Your amazing and this is why people appreciate you! Carrie Keefe you were great at saying this!

  • Duckcake 7  7 months ago

    So that’s where my disco ball went

  • lol

  • Cam S  8 months ago

    Wow! I love how there's so many colours yet you still managed to avoid making it look cluttered! You're both so talented!

  • V-marie Williams  6 months ago

    she kinda reminds me of the girl from trolls

  • youtube yt  7 months ago

    everytime I watch this I wonderhow much is this?🤔

  • Autumn D  1 months ago

    youtube yt sameeee

  • Jane Baker  8 months ago

    In Australia, renters can't even put a painting up cos you can't nail in the wall. American renters can do whatever. Wow cool

  • Marquita Shiver  2 months ago

    In the US and i can hang stuff in mine.

  • D Hill  3 months ago

    in my old apartment we couldn't paint are walls. also we live in the usa

  • Jess Considine  8 months ago

    please please plleease do Haley Pham’s new apartment! She’s a 17yr old youtuber and just bought a new apartment... please help her!!