Damaging EF-2 North Tulsa, Owasso and Claremore, OK Tornado

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 1, 2016
  • A very complex system moved across Oklahoma on march 30, 2016.Supercell developed on an impressive Dryline west of Tulsa encountering a more southeasterly wind the storm began to rotate. Touched down near 36th and Osage Drive.


  • Scott R
    Scott R  3 years ago +3

    That cop apparently didn't realize who he was talking to, one of the most prolific chasers out there and a guy who saves a lot of lives by calling in reports of tornadoes to local law enforcement and meteorologists so they can get the sirens going. I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar that Jeff has saved more lives than that cop has. You keep up the great work, Jeff and be safe out there, please. :)

  • tammie nipp
    tammie nipp  3 years ago +2

    Thank you for your reporting! My mom and dad with my daughter and grandson live near by! Thano God they are fine! My prayers go out to those who were not so lucky! May God bless and keep you through your times of trials!

  • janie tolon
    janie tolon  3 years ago +1

    This is the first time in a long time any tornado video had my heart racing! Very good footage! The best i have seen in a long time. BUT prayers and love to everyone that was affected by these tornadoes!

  • MikePresJR
    MikePresJR  2 years ago +1

    Would honestly love to see more of the footage from 4:07. That's about half a mile from my house. You're half a mile west of me there. At that moment in time we were losing our shit and yanking the mattress off of our bed. That thing was literally two football fields away. Maybe less.

  • b3to91frca
    b3to91frca  2 years ago

    Wow! Lucky I didn't arrive that afternoon in Tulsa. I was on a trip coming from Los Angeles, CA towards Iowa

  • zilla2006able
    zilla2006able  3 years ago

    great footage

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid  2 years ago

    This tornado just missed me by about a mile or so

  • Max Olson Chasing
    Max Olson Chasing  3 years ago

    Great stuff!

  • Noah. Spinsir
    Noah. Spinsir  3 years ago

    I saw that tornado

  • Niko Storm
    Niko Storm  3 years ago