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  • Published on:  Monday, September 9, 2019
  • What is a hit point? And more importantly, is it possible to know the hit points of your pet? Brian David Gilbert has figured it out, with the help of a scientist and his roommate's cat, Zuko.

    Want to calculate your pet's HP? You can find the necessary tools here:

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  • Polygon
    Polygon  7 days ago +3269

    Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:

  • Malou Lewin
    Malou Lewin  5 hours ago

    I just realized how brain is his own straight man. like by choosing something so ridiculous and playing it as straight as possible it works wonders

  • TheGlassDiamond
    TheGlassDiamond  6 hours ago

    my pet has 0... she died

  • Leo H
    Leo H  8 hours ago

    unraveled suggestion. pokemon ranked based on edibility

  • Doge Is our saviour

    I think you should do a unraveled on plants vs zombies.

  • Sean Purcell
    Sean Purcell  10 hours ago

    You should do an unraveled on the whole Old School Runescape timeline

  • WolfOfLegend
    WolfOfLegend  12 hours ago

    I wish you would tell us how to calculate human hp. I want to be able to watch my hp slowly drain as I waste away my life

  • Arcamiel Xx
    Arcamiel Xx  12 hours ago

    Hey, have you ever made a video classifying all SCPs from scp foundation?

  • Venus Kogane
    Venus Kogane  13 hours ago

    Now I want to know if you could survive the wounds you get in games...

  • Flic Jinxy
    Flic Jinxy  18 hours ago

    Team I need advice: what class is my dog if she is cute, tries to steal my flatjacks and begs for my food, demends two short walks a day and doesn't agree with 1 long walk, is an actual coward, takes way to many naps and is a very fussy eattet, She won't eat Dog biscuits unless we break them into small chunks for her to eat.

  • Fiona Smith
    Fiona Smith  20 hours ago

    Hi Brian! I know this isnt The Myth video but it is the most recent so i wanted to ask; are you ever willing to make a (not bad) hour long mythology video? I will 10000% admit the moment you mentioned it in the Castlevania video, I, a mythology nerd, needed the hour long video. RIP to me if you say no but also if you say yes

  • Christoff Wilhelm
    Christoff Wilhelm  23 hours ago +1

    Man.... all those pokemon sure look edible.... I wonder which pokemon is the most edible

  • Coffee Sloth
    Coffee Sloth  23 hours ago

    So... How many hp does my indestructible pet tardigrade have?

  • J F
    J F  yesterday

    Ok, but you didn't mention the actual hp. Just his class and level lol. can just take a sick day without getting sick. 😂

  • Mahnoor Q.
    Mahnoor Q.  yesterday

    whales are mammals

  • Jett Ufema
    Jett Ufema  yesterday

    create a formula to depict how good a ship is

  • Andrew Glawson'


  • Ariesturtleneck
    Ariesturtleneck  yesterday +2

    You should do how many Started valley NPCs would turn to Scientology

  • Frank Tiemens
    Frank Tiemens  yesterday


    "I am Bernie Sanders, and I approve this message"

  • Julia Schlemann

    For the love of God, someone tell me how to find the song that plays at 00:36 sec. Shazam as failed me...