Ricky Gervais is so INGENIOUS

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 21, 2018
  • Just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right famous words from an INGENIOUS comic Ricky Gervais.

    Fearless on stage makes him one of the most revered and controversial Comics around.


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  • TheComedyClub
    TheComedyClub  16 days ago +140

    Born into a religion.
    Best one
    Also i am a new youtuber so please support me by subscribing to my channel.

    • sevensicks zero
      sevensicks zero  yesterday

      +Tiago Rodrigues where is the evidence of that? Like I said earlier,"similar DNA doesn't prove we evolved from apes,it just proves we have similar DNA".......Did you know most of the supposed"missing links" were admitted fraudulent by the ppl who presented them?

    • Tiago Rodrigues
      Tiago Rodrigues  yesterday

      +sevensicks zero why isnt macro evolution a lot of micro evolutions?

    • sevensicks zero
      sevensicks zero  yesterday

      +Tiago Rodrigues yes bro ,I do believe In "micro evolution" (changes within a species) but not "macro evolution" (a human evolving from an ape)

    • Tiago Rodrigues
      Tiago Rodrigues  yesterday

      ​+sevensicks zero
      Proofs of evolution: Do species adapt to (at least) their environemnts and change small things over the time? I dont believe that you deny that. Is it speciation you're problem? Also you are bringing the life from non life into the mix of evolution where they are 2 diferent things. I accept that we dont have proofs that life began from non life, but that doesnt say anything about evolution (I think).
      About the missing link, there are lots of fossils that most cientists accept to be miising links, so not beeing an expert here, i just ask: what would be an example of a missing link to you?

    • sevensicks zero
      sevensicks zero  yesterday

      +Tiago Rodrigues thanks for your input,shown me ONE FACT THAT PROVES EVOLUTION, There's only theories ,like we have similar dna to apes,....wheres the "missing link fossils ?all if them that we( supposed) will fit into the space of a standard billiard table,. Why so little evidence of "missing links" shouldn't there be thousands? Plz show me ONE fact that proves we evolved from "non life"....

  • D Town
    D Town  10 hours ago

    Hello random people from fuck knows where

  • sevensicks zero

    Hirnlego999,thanks for your response,God didn't make us robots,for then, loving Him would have no meaning

  • Jade Edwards
    Jade Edwards  yesterday

    He’s the best n I love Karl pilkington 😍

  • ViSH
    ViSH  2 days ago +1

    Simon Cowes twin bother lol😂😂

  • Angela Gibson
    Angela Gibson  2 days ago

    Ricky Gervais smile is so cute

  • shaun humphreys
    shaun humphreys  4 days ago

    Don't know why he continues to wet jell sweep his hair back like that, it's so old fashioned and doesn't suit him as he's small and abit fat.

  • crashin1
    crashin1  4 days ago

    Americans are the most unfunny nation on the planet.

  • Killsocialmedia
    Killsocialmedia  4 days ago

    Religion isn't based on location unless you live in an Islamic State. Then you are a muslim out of self preservation. Christianity was from the same place as Islam. Religions survive because people have the same ideals.

  • fishyc150
    fishyc150  5 days ago

    Religion is like a woven blanket. Looks nice and keeps you warm and snuggly. You feel safe.
    However it wont feed you, clothe you, protect you from disease or injury... and start to pick at it it'll all fall apart.

  • beatz04
    beatz04  5 days ago

    As much as i like his wit and humour, his overexaggerated laugh makes me cringe everytime.

  • James Davidson
    James Davidson  5 days ago

    Anyone got any recommendations for a good laugh

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez  5 days ago

    I’ve met funnier dentists.

  • sevensicks zero
    sevensicks zero  6 days ago

    I'm glad he knows what happens after death,even though he's never died and come back to tell us about it......😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • phiphi _tours
    phiphi _tours  7 days ago

    Awesome tube vid

  • Eddie Dy
    Eddie Dy  7 days ago

    He is my idol!

  • Invisible Individual

    465 twits.

  • British Comedy UK
    British Comedy UK  8 days ago +1

    lol awesome

  • aprofromuk
    aprofromuk  8 days ago

    while he is very clever he is slightly factually incorrect about hinduism and the right god, hinduism doesnt have the right god or any god or a million gods, take ur pick, dont kill any one for that :)

  • Efil Rekib
    Efil Rekib  8 days ago

    INGENIOUS my arse, he is an untalented CUNT........