Alita: Battle Angel - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 1, 2019
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Alita: Battle Angel, starring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Keean Johnson. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.


  • John
    John  yesterday

    “I’m only here for the girl. “

  • JacobOlli
    JacobOlli  3 days ago

    Love this movie

  • Makenzie Despain
    Makenzie Despain  7 days ago +1

    I just watched this movie and I loved it!!! Best movie I’ve seen in a while

  • Ashok M A
    Ashok M A  7 days ago

    My favorite stunt was the one happens underground after the bar fight, when Alita made Kenshin Himura's Hiten Mitsurugi style "ryu kensen Sumuchi". Damn that gave me goosebumps. Of course she did not succeed. But it is awesome to look at it. ^_^

  • Holly
    Holly  7 days ago

    I was so annoyed when it ended I could have watched it for hours

  • NoX#
    NoX#  7 days ago

    What a Surprise! 8/10 for me. Great film , I want to see a sequel.

  • David Smith
    David Smith  14 days ago +1

    good movie

  • s rico
    s rico  14 days ago

    Alita was an a, review was c+

  • Linus
    Linus  21 days ago

    Beautiful movie but story is lacking, I hope they make more movies with this visual style however.

  • aleckermit
    aleckermit  21 days ago

    Alita feels like a kid's movie until the f-bomb drops and someone (human) gets cut in half.

  • Nice Shot
    Nice Shot  21 days ago

    Don't ever call me chauvinistic ....Alita: Battle Angel grade: A. Way better than Ghost In A Shell.

  • 89MATTEL.
    89MATTEL.  a months ago +1

    I didnt know it was a anime and when i saw the movie i loved it!!!.. and have see it more than once.. its just that good and cool :) :D

  • Dureza 10Mohs
    Dureza 10Mohs  a months ago

    It looks like all the pressed Captain Marvel haters are here.

  • Dureza 10Mohs
    Dureza 10Mohs  a months ago

    I saw the movie, i never read the manga. I didn't understood shit of this film. The pacing is weird, characters makes strange moves just to get the story going on for more time but the narrative doesn't moves on. Hugo wanting go to salem and alita wanting to know who she is, it doesn't feel motivational enough. Marshalla's, christopher's and Jennifer's characters (especialy jen) i dont know what are their actually purpose in the movie. The fact that is a manga in all is aspects is not calibrated well, some things that happen are so weird to me (like the heart scene) that takes me out of the movie more than i already am. The villain... idk who is the villian tbh... Alita seemed a little jerk in the bar scene...
    I feel like i should read the manga first so i can get on board with the movie, if something got it right, is in making me want to know from where this comes from. So i guess i liked the movie, i didn't understood but i got invested in the universe.

    EVERYTIME YOU TOUCH  a months ago

    Alita who? a little stupid small girl , no way i want to watch this crap . Today i just saw the movie and have to say, is one of the best action movies i ever seen. since the matrix in 1999 nothing impress me like Alita did. Sorry but this movie is A not b as you say. I would love to see a movie when she battled on the moon, omg.

  • The Palerider
    The Palerider  a months ago

    It is Shity,Wy ? Because the ending is stupid,Of course the bad guy revealed for the next three movies that I won't spend my money on.

  • xaviervanegasdesign
    xaviervanegasdesign  a months ago

    The whole movie i was waiting for her to shoot a ki blast out of her hands lol.

  • xaviervanegasdesign
    xaviervanegasdesign  a months ago +1

    My God this movie was dope. I love how Alita is so humane inside yet so badass when pushed to the edged! The flashbacks really piqued my interest.

  • Charlie Cobra
    Charlie Cobra  a months ago

    I didn't know anything about the manga and I loved the movie. I'm ready for the sequel.

  • Cameron Jolicouer
    Cameron Jolicouer  a months ago

    Holy FACK is it refreshing to hear a critic admit that he may be being biased. I liked the movie a lot and had not been educated in the source material. Chris Stuckman is the man. Fuck Nostalgica Critic as a critic, Stuckman is my favourite critic.