Alita: Battle Angel - Movie Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 1, 2019
  • Patreon: Stuckmann reviews Alita: Battle Angel, starring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, Keean Johnson. Directed by Robert Rodriguez.


  • John Vlad
    John Vlad  5 months ago +1137

    Alita Battle Angel = underrated
    Captain Marvel = overrated

  • Zachary Ashmore
    Zachary Ashmore  6 months ago +1090

    I'm gonna put it like this. I've never watched anime. Never heard of Alita: Battle Angel and had no anticipation on seeing this movie. I'm not an anime guy. And I just saw this movie. And I fucking loved it.

  • DireGrave11
    DireGrave11  6 months ago +477

    You don't have to apologize Chris. This movie is way better than most critics are giving it. It's a B or 8 out of 10. Alita will be considered a classic one day. It may even pave the way for future anime adaptations to be made.

  • kickapowwww
    kickapowwww  5 months ago +189

    this was way better than the ghost in the shell adaptation. alita was awesome.

  • Tre' Roney
    Tre' Roney  5 months ago +234

    Alita battle Angel>Captain marvel. I love movies with strong female characters. Not movies with week female characters who you have to tell me are strong

  • Mr. Sopa
    Mr. Sopa  5 months ago +244

    Goddamn Chris, you gave the Ghost in the shell movie a better score than Alita, I'm not mad. Just dissapointed

  • paternoster naterposter
    paternoster naterposter  5 months ago +153

    I strongly disagree. Alita deserved an A, it was so good I'm gonna see it again. LOVED IT.

  • Thắng Nguyễn
    Thắng Nguyễn  5 months ago +58

    Still can't comprehend why this movie was that underrated. Everything is beautiful and Alita is amazing, such a beautiful girl inside out.

  • frtwl
    frtwl  6 months ago +1090

    Just watched it. At first my expectations were high, then after hearing reviews I lowered them. When watching the movie I kept thinking.. hmm I enjoy this but when does it get bad? For me, that point never came. It’s quite the experience in Dolby 3D. A small thing I loved was how the arena crowd felt more like real people than a sea of cgi fake dummies.

  • Ahmad Nouri
    Ahmad Nouri  4 months ago +34

    with all this praise to the movie and you gave it a B !!
    the way you talked about the movie felt like you will give it A++++++++

  • michalsavatar7
    michalsavatar7  6 months ago +119

    You gave Ghost in the Shell a better score than Alita - Battle Angel? Wow.
    I saw Ghost in the Shell and i can hardly remember any scene in that movie. After seeing Alita, I spent the next day vividly going through practically each and every was that memorable.

  • Jeremy Woodbridge
    Jeremy Woodbridge  5 months ago +50

    Loved the movie, I really want a sequel now

  • Propaganda Slayer
    Propaganda Slayer  5 months ago +76

    This movie was very well made, but the best part is that it had...

    SLIMGRIZZY  6 months ago +2467

    This movie was soooooooo cool. Dont listen to rotten tomatoes. This is defintely worth the admission price

  • Alex Roberson
    Alex Roberson  5 months ago +24

    To me: this is a modern day Sci Fi classic.

  • pistol papi
    pistol papi  5 months ago +83

    100 times better then captain marvel

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    I LOVED Alita so much!!! 😆 I really really really hope that we get a sequel!!! 🙏🏻

  • King G
    King G  5 months ago +32

    I literally had no idea that there was a anime manga of Alita Battle Angel, I just went to the movie because I thought it looked cool. And that was one of the best movies i have ever watched in my life, and I didn't have any background info on Alita prior.

  • Anaheim Electronics E.F.S.F
    Anaheim Electronics E.F.S.F  6 months ago +1028

    Now, We NEED Alita 2 movie!!

  • John Bykoski
    John Bykoski  5 months ago +13

    i ligit don't watch any anime and never have but this movie if fire loved it omg 100/100