The Silver Bridge disaster

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 21, 2018
  • How the Silver Bridge and the Hi-Carpenter Bridge differed from other suspension bridges in one crucial aspect.

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  • label1877
    label1877  yesterday

    Sad story that 46 innocent lives were lost.

  • NZ Lady Kiwi
    NZ Lady Kiwi  2 days ago

    WOW I did not know that the US has over a million bridges...!!! Thats wicked!!!

  • Patrick Buglass
    Patrick Buglass  3 days ago

    All you've ever done is show me that someone is lurking (like cowards do) behind the cover of the technological curtain, and always letting me know that you intend to humiliate me until the day you intend to sacrifice me. Don't care to be your figurehead. 'Vengeance is mine' states The Lord. Please don't ask me to bring effort and commitment to a fixed game.

  • muttkat
    muttkat  3 days ago +1

    Americas infrastructure has been ignored cause too much money is spent elsewhere in wars.....

  • dgray611
    dgray611  3 days ago

    Great job, Boomer!

    I AM HUMAN  3 days ago

    it still looks like it did back then too..old buildings ..old surroundings..old time stood still..its very strange in that part of the state..very strange..bunkers?? bridges?? flying men?? oh my

  • Thomas
    Thomas  4 days ago

    I enjoyed this video, thank you for posting this and keep up the great work! - Thomas from New Zealand. 🙂

  • Leon Maliniak
    Leon Maliniak  5 days ago +4

    What a preposterous design this had to have been for the failure of only one of those I-BARS to cause the entire bridge to fail.

    The ROMANS built bridges which have lasted for thousands of years and will probably last for thousands of years more.

    It is absolutely ridiculous that a bridge is designed in a way that the failure of only ONE small segment can make the whole thing collapse.


  • Nick Roush
    Nick Roush  5 days ago

    It was common for the heavy coal barges, turning out of the Kanawha River, to smack into the pillars of the bridge.
    I believe this could also be a major contributing factor to the failure of the I bar.

  • FL1PN0S1S
    FL1PN0S1S  5 days ago

    you are the weakest link, goodbye!

  • BSA bradybunch
    BSA bradybunch  6 days ago +4

    The only thing going through my head right now is just "mothman"

  • syemi suhaimi
    syemi suhaimi  6 days ago


  • Pentu Plove
    Pentu Plove  7 days ago +1

    Expected collapse. Ignorant designer.

  • Ejhddg Dsbhd
    Ejhddg Dsbhd  7 days ago +1

    I typed in moth man and this came up

  • PGT Beauregard
    PGT Beauregard  7 days ago

    Bridges are much safer than they used to be; this isn't because we're smarter but only because we have more data on the bridges that failed. Aerodynamics, metallurgy, tensions, geometry, we know so much more than the pioneers of the later 19th and early 20th century with the 1st suspension bridges...

  • Rich Republican
    Rich Republican  7 days ago +2

    The disadvantage of a "Single Point of Failure".

  • New Man
    New Man  7 days ago

    Are they not going to mention the Moth Man?
    I dont mean to disrespect the dead or the families of the relatives,
    Ive just ONLY heard of this bridge b/c of the M.M.

    From my understanding is, their were a LOT of witnesses,no?

  • New Man
    New Man  7 days ago

    at the very beginning. man, I sure wish I could have been alive when the country was so strong, damn, things have changed SO much since then.

  • Gerf
    Gerf  7 days ago +9

    I was a little boy when this disaster occurred. I remember hearing my mom and dad talk about it. From that point on I always felt a little fear whenever we crossed one of the older bridges over the Missouri River in the Kansas City area. None were suspension bridges, but they still looked old. Rusty in spots, rotting concrete along the edges. But none of them ever failed.

  • Monkof Magnesia
    Monkof Magnesia  7 days ago

    WHat I do not understand is why 1.1K dislikes? This is one of the best documentaries I have come across.