SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy - Thief Arthur Steals the Show! - Nintendo Switch

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 25, 2018
  • Thief Arthur from Million Arthur: Arcana Blood steals the show with her swift moves as the first DLC fighter in SNK Heroines ~Tag Team Frenzy~ on September 13, 2018!

    Who will be the belle of the brawl? SNK's toughest female fighters are pitted against one another in a brand-new 2 vs 2 fighting game! With a streamlined control system and unique KO mechanic, this is a fighting game built for fans of all levels of experience. The perfect dream match starts here! Coming to Nintendo Switch September 7, 2018!

    SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy is available 9/7!
    Pre-order here:

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  • QueenofRabites  (Aug 25, 2018)

    Take my money!

  • Fate862  (Nov 27, 2018)

    For $5 for each individual character they are taking your money...lots of it...

  • James Musik  (Sep 9, 2018)

    SupaPixelGirl she is going to take your money! She's Thief Arthur!!

  • thegreatcalvinio  (Aug 25, 2018)

    SNK chief: “How do we generate more revenue?”SNK employee: “Add more waifus and no muscle men.”SNK chief: “Genius.”

  • Mordexai  (Sep 28, 2018)

    +RavinFox Yea I noticed, my mistake. He'll probably see it anyway since youtube pops up notifications if you're in the same comment thread.

  • RavinFox  (Sep 28, 2018)

    Mordexai  You're replying to the wrong person. The other guy doesn't even know about the old gal games.

  • G Salemander  (Aug 25, 2018)

    It’s hentai and it’s art

  • Ricky Nuggets  (Aug 27, 2018)

    You're sad and you're pathetic.

  • Shinta Himura  (Aug 26, 2018)

    +Jonathan Tarver His waif doesn't exist, but his waifu does.

  • Justin Khoong  (Aug 25, 2018)

    In case for the people wondering what was going on... Million Arthur: Arcana Blood is a fighting game take of the Million Arthur series (created by Square Enix, and more commonly known as a F2P card game for the Ios/Android), made by former SNK developers and keep a very close relationship together... At the same time, the Million Arthur: Arcana Blood game is getting ported to PS4, with Iori as a guest character in that fighting game.

  • Ryan Brown  (3 days ago)

    And now it's getting a worldwide release on Steam.

  • aRBy125  (Aug 28, 2018)

    I've seen a bunch of footage for the fighter when it first debut, but I kinda forgot about it until I heard the news of Iori showing up in that game and this character here.

  • Shady Corner  (Aug 25, 2018)

    Yeah flat justice DLC! Give me some of them Nintendo girls and a Metal Slug girl and you will make it a perfect game!

  • MA-121  (Sep 4, 2018)


  • Rozaline Escobedo  (Aug 28, 2018)

    Totally would pay for Fio!

  • Rick Nick  (Aug 25, 2018)

    ....honestly i dont know how i should react to this bcuz i never saw this girl in my entire life

  • Sora Xx  (Nov 7, 2018)

    from kairisei million arthur, game that combine kamen rider ryuki advend card and great britain legend

  • Epsy Blue  (Aug 27, 2018)

    +Sylvie Rose I guess that explains why Tifa wasn't a candidate.

  • Videos al paso  (Aug 25, 2018)

    Okay Nintendo this is your chance, Bayoneta, Samus, Palutena, Pyra, Twintelle or a Fire Emblem girl, there many options you can do it.EDIT: "This is not Nintendo, this is SNK" Yeah because, Nintendo or SEGA cant reach SNK for exclusive content or something.

  • Epsy Blue  (Aug 27, 2018)

    Now I want to see what an all female Smash Bros. game would be like. Super Bash Sisters when?

  • Mr. Leg  (Aug 25, 2018)

    Square Enix X SNK: adds one character in a gameSquare Enix X Nintendo: adds one character in a game the usual

  • Armando Medina  (Aug 27, 2018)

    MY LEG flpiflpi

  • OttoeCamn  (Aug 26, 2018)

    +AwkwardOne or not.

  • Jason Mbonya-Bate  (Aug 25, 2018)

    I personally want SAMUS ARAN!

  • TurtleDragonSilent  (Aug 28, 2018)

    This is literally the best time to just add Daisy

  • Larry V.  (Aug 26, 2018)

    Adam Antium I agree with you 100%. Personally I feel same way.

  • Jacky Sakura  (Aug 25, 2018)

    Square enix and SNK?never thought they would collab?

  • Shingo Khan  (Aug 25, 2018)

    +siekensou77 btw Iori looks sick in Million Arthur

  • Shingo Khan  (Aug 25, 2018)

    +siekensou77 I know :D