Turning our House into a Fake Hotel in 72hrs…(ft. Elle Mills)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • Conor Castle
    Conor Castle  6 months ago +8398

    Man am I looking forward to seeing what adventures Yes House 2.0 brings! 😆❤️

  • Laiba Saqlain
    Laiba Saqlain  6 months ago +4865

    Yes theory are the real life phineas and ferb lol

  • John Lany
    John Lany  5 months ago +1285

    Next idea
    Turning your car into fake taxi..

  • Cake lady
    Cake lady  6 months ago +1239

    How do they not have a Tv show yet?!?! I would watch them on Netflix all the time

  • Jenny And Alex
    Jenny And Alex  6 months ago +1810

    This is brilliant but I'm a little sad it's temporary. Just seems like all that hard work should stick around a little longer :D

  • maria krismer
    maria krismer  6 months ago +402

    "hotel yes" sounds like the place u would wanna propose to ur girlfriend xD

  • J Armellin
    J Armellin  6 months ago +585

    If the landlord is smart, he'll cover their returnables and RENT THIS OUT ON AIRBNB!

  • Jad Haddad
    Jad Haddad  6 months ago +226

    Ammars room makes me feel better about myself

  • Mirazim Mirolimov
    Mirazim Mirolimov  6 months ago +243

    Yes Theory, here is a challenge for you. You all three, should go camping in unknown forest with a backpack for each, but without use of any technology. E.g. phones, online maps.
    If you do that, I’ll do the same upcoming summer in hot Uzbekistan

  • DerpMan
    DerpMan  6 months ago +95

    smh how much money do these guys have lmao

  • ElleOfTheMills
    ElleOfTheMills  6 months ago +3974


  • piper emel
    piper emel  6 months ago +133

    i don't think there's been a single one of yes theory's videos that i haven't had chills the whole time watching it . all of there videos are so cool and i just wish a was older and could be able to say yes because if i was 18 even you bet i would be saying yes to everything they do and trying to get things like the yes theory hotel.

  • juliezeneth
    juliezeneth  6 months ago +188

    💕 aww this was such a wonderful way to say goodbye...and hello to new beginnings... can't wait for what's to come

  • Sell It
    Sell It  6 months ago +34

    Your videos make me wanna turn my whole life around for 180°

  • Fill the prankster
    Fill the prankster  6 months ago +85

    Find the beautiful face
    Can’t find it
    The beautiful face is reading this right now

  • Qiunts
    Qiunts  1 months ago +16

    Literally found you guys today. I can't remember how much videos I've watched from your channel today (lost count). I'm just jumping from one video to another🤣🤟 I'm on a binge-watching phase right now

  • Celia :3
    Celia :3  yesterday +1

    Now I can see that what Bobby does in Queer Eye in a week is indeed possible

  • michaelstanley
    michaelstanley  6 months ago +27

    Did anyone else notice that he broke character and referred the lobby as "the livingroom?" 14:36
    Besides that this is one of the most ICONIC Yes Theory videos ever.
    P.S. The magician has a hole in his sock XD

  • OGjogi
    OGjogi  6 months ago +69

    I like fake hotel videos
    Wait what

  • Yuliana Lopez
    Yuliana Lopez  5 months ago +12

    Imagine the Landlord doesn’t destroy the house