Camila Cabello - Something's Gotta Give (Official Audio)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 12, 2018
  • "Camila" album available at: Spotify Music Play Camila Here: Twitter: @camila_cabelloIG: @camila_cabello Facebook: @97camilacabello Website: #CamillaCabello #SomethingsGottaGive #Vevo #Pop #OfficialAudio #Camila(C) 2018 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  • Fazle Elahi  1 years ago

    Loving you, I thought I couldn't get no higherYour November rain could set the night on fire, night on fireBut we could only burn so longCounterfeit emotions only run skin deepKnow you're lying when you're lying next to me, next to meHow did we get so far gone?I should know by nowYou should know by nowWe should know by nowSomething's gotta give, something's gotta breakBut all I do is give, and all you do is takeSomething's gotta change, but I know that it won'tNo reason to stay is a good ...

  • Alis Lover  1 years ago

    Fazle Elahi

  • Love Music  8 months ago

    "...all I do is give and all you do is take..."Life is so unfair.

  • Sooo true

  • PoSeiDoN VeNuH  1 months ago

    Sometimes you gotta stop giving if all the other one do is take and take. I'm learning to do that and I feel like I can see the truth better after.

  • Cami M.  1 years ago

    this album deserves a grammy omg

  • Fran εїз  8 days ago


  • I LOVE BANGPINK  1 months ago

    @Maëlenn Dréval it's ok, at least our queen was nominated in GRAMMY

  • doll lovely  10 months ago

    Who thinks that this song deserves more

  • Sónia Ramalho  11 days ago

    doll love yu

  • Secily Castro  22 days ago


  • BR Lyrics  9 months ago

    *”No reason to stay is a good reason to go”* 🇧🇷❤️😢

  • VickiiZ PaSOok  10 days ago

    😭😭 this hit me too

  • Richard Meister  9 months ago

    this song needs a music video! like if you agree

  • Malayha Forrester  1 months ago

    Yea it would be weird

  • Hla Balhas  3 months ago

    I think it would be difficult to do one

  • GrayciRamos  11 months ago

    Artist of the Year, i'm so proud of you.

  • Animal N Snackz  17 days ago

    @GrayciRamos omg lmao iconic

  • GrayciRamos  11 months ago

    Nasbel Vargas not you

  • blue is the new pink  11 months ago

    The best song of the f***ing history

  • Nathaneal Alamu  6 months ago

    Absolutely!! Powerful song with a powerful meaning!

  • Love Music  8 months ago

    "I have never heard a silence quite so loud" "I walk in the room and you don't make a sound"- Camila Cabello, 2018 (Something's Gotta Give)"I've never heard silence quite this loud""Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking"- Taylor Swift, 2010 (The Story Of Us)100% Camila was inspired by Taylor, as they were tourmates, they're friends and Tay is one of Cami's idols.

  • Natalie ASMR  2 months ago

    She talked about h Taylor being her inspiration when she was in 5h and they all just rolled their eyes and ignored it. Even Lauren. So yea she is inspired by Taylor swift. 100%%%

  • Camilern Jergi  5 months ago

    The first time I heard this song I instantly remembered Taylor Swift. The lyrics are so fucking similar.

  • King Mendes  1 years ago

    "if it doesn't hurt me, why do i still cry"gosh this hit me right in my feels

  • Julia Adventures  12 days ago

    What did Professional Fangirl day I think she deleted it

  • I Stan txt & bts  1 months ago

    Al H. What the fuck? What did he do wrong?