Painting On Thriftstore Paintings

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 12, 2019
  • Arin and Dan give Thomas Kinkade a run for his money. Painter of Light move over, it's Grump time now!Got a suggestion for 10 Minute Power Hour? ► ►► to SUBSCRIBE ►*********************************************Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ►► by Boruff ► by Ben/Tucker ► from Stevia Sphere ► http://www.steviasphere.bandcamp.comMystery Sax Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License*********************************************We have NEW MERCH every FRIDAY! Visit our WEBSITE every FRIDAY to check out the NEW items!►►►*********************************************FACEBOOK ► ► ► ► http://gamegrumps.comGame Grumps are:Arin ► ► #TheGrumps #Painting


  • It's Thinzy
    It's Thinzy  7 days ago +1729

    Thank god my comment is safe from the acid rain.

  • Sabaidee Bee
    Sabaidee Bee  7 days ago +1617

    Dan: unconvincing concerned voice "ooh nooo, they need hats"
    Arin: "pingk"

  • • Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •

    M- Mighty
    S- Good
    G- Soup

  • Drew Thatguy
    Drew Thatguy  7 days ago +477

    Acid rain: starts
    Hat: I'm about to end this whole man's career.

  • Vimpy Boy
    Vimpy Boy  7 days ago +510

    So I searched the artist from the first pic and it turns out it's called " Amish life "
    Dan and Arin gave the Amish , hats

  • Mediocre And Worse
    Mediocre And Worse  7 days ago +2905

    There's pizza on his sweater already
    It stores spaghetti

  • JofesaTruth
    JofesaTruth  7 days ago +760

    "I love MSG! That stands for Mighty Good Soup."

  • Spicy Seth
    Spicy Seth  7 days ago +327

    This episode is the equivalent to 2 kids fighting with imaginary characters.
    "He uses super strength and his laser eyes"
    "Wh-what no, my guy is lazer proof and cancels all super strength"

  • I'm Clifford Today
    I'm Clifford Today  7 days ago +199

    Neither Dan nor Arin were wearing hats and I was nervous throughout the whole video.

  • Lumarious B
    Lumarious B  7 days ago +70

    I want more of this, because it's basically visual improv comedy, and improv is one of the things Danny and Arnold do best.

  • Zack Rodgers
    Zack Rodgers  7 days ago +3072

    "I love MSG. That means Mighty Good Soup" Arin isn't good at games but he sure can spell

  • Adam James
    Adam James  7 days ago +58

    “No thanks to you, DOUG.”
    Flashback to Rhinoceratops vs. Superpuma

    TEENAMAZINGSQUAD  7 days ago +88

    This comment may not get noticed
    Edit: Unless I put this hat on it

  • Harrison Fink
    Harrison Fink  7 days ago +58

    "Kids, never run it through twice. There's a reason you don't do that."
    Dan Avidan, giving the real advice we all need.

  • Kabe
    Kabe  7 days ago +51

    Dan: wants the gulls to be allies
    Arin: turns them against each other

  • Forever Schleep
    Forever Schleep  7 days ago +3242

    I can’t explain how mortified I was to see Danny pull spaghetti out of that pouch💀

  • Hey! Let's Do A Thing!
    Hey! Let's Do A Thing!  7 days ago +44

    I agree with the Grumps! I'm tired of politicians with tiny-hat solutions to environmental problems when we need big-hat solutions. Thank you Arin and Dan for bringing these issues to light.

  • JeffBuilds
    JeffBuilds  7 days ago +22

    Ravioli, Ravioli,
    What's in Dan's Pizza-Pocket-Oli?

  • Geraldine P.
    Geraldine P.  7 days ago +44

    Me: Is he drawing a cactus?
    Arin: Look at my zombie hand!
    Dan: ... I thought it was a cactus...

  • ray- jaaay
    ray- jaaay  7 days ago +27

    Art thieves be like:
    (I know you guys aren't but I thought it was funny)