Guess Where These 5 Foods Are From | People Vs. Food

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 18, 2019
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    REACT  1 months ago +404

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  • Keely R
    Keely R  1 months ago +1207

    You did Kenneth dirty, he deserved that point for Belgium

  • Simon James
    Simon James  1 months ago +557

    You straight up robbed Kenneth of a point! He said Belgium and he was correct.

  • orensj13
    orensj13  1 months ago +506


  • ktgbw
    ktgbw  28 days ago +511

    The guy that picked Belgium for the fries should have been right. That question was BS.

  • 딸기맛우유 Piano
    딸기맛우유 Piano  28 days ago +303

    the dude that picked belgium should've gotten the point that was straight up bs

  • Julya L
    Julya L  1 months ago +522

    4:47 “No one thinks Belgium”. Well, all my fellow Europeans probably would’ve guessed Belgium.

  • Hi Im Shoshawy akwuard
    Hi Im Shoshawy akwuard  1 months ago +301

    Any salad is a Caesar salad if you stab it enough times.

  • Adwoa Boakye
    Adwoa Boakye  21 days ago +176

    Mikaela: “ I know where these fries are from... heaven”
    Me: “ She’s not wrong” 😂😂

  • Lashay Wood
    Lashay Wood  1 months ago +86

    I feel like they could've given him the point for Belgium. Because why give them a food with no correct answer?

  • Tony Zan
    Tony Zan  1 months ago +99

    The Asian guy should have gotten a point for saying French fries were from Belgium

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube  1 months ago +117

    c'mon now, kenneth won, he got belgium dudes.

  • IceCrepeGG Sone
    IceCrepeGG Sone  1 months ago +136

    Lol why are you gonna put fries if you'll settle it as a no definite answer. Y'all robbed my guy's point he answered Belgium.

  • Sambit Mohanty
    Sambit Mohanty  21 days ago +139

    Can't spell Ireland. Can't spell Greece.
    Thinks San Francisco is a country.
    Jesus. Wtf man?!

  • Hdhdhe Xhhzjd
    Hdhdhe Xhhzjd  28 days ago +92

    So no one is gonna talk about how Tida said the salad was from San Francisco which is not a country in 2:14

  • DemonPigeon
    DemonPigeon  1 months ago +207

    everyone in europe knows about fries and belgium ... belgium is the only correct answer

  • Faye Hoogteijling
    Faye Hoogteijling  21 days ago +50

    Okay now I need a video where someone’s says a European country and the person needs to point at the country on a map.. that would be fun

  • Daulton Venglar
    Daulton Venglar  1 months ago +64

    They said inspired by an Austrian pastry, but “inspired by” and “is a croissant” are two wildly different things.

  • ellie nsn
    ellie nsn  28 days ago +82

    as a French girl, seeing them talking about croissant as if it was bread, made me mad lmao

  • Kim Hemmes
    Kim Hemmes  1 months ago +63

    FRIES ARE FROM BELGIUM!! (where are my Belgian people?)