Why are people so mad at Game of Thrones?

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 13, 2019
  • The final season of Game of Thrones, and especially the last 3 episodes, have divided and angered many fans of the show. But why? Well, there are a number of reasons for this, so let’s break down the biggest and most recent problem first - Daenerys.In last night’s episode, Daenerys and Drogon rain fire down upon King’s Landing, killing thousands of innocents. This is all after Cersei’s armies have surrendered. Now the show’s writers justify this by claiming it’s the Mad King storyline coming full circle with his daughter. And, if the show had more episodes and time to develop this extreme choice, it could have made more sense. But we’re only given 6 episodes this season, as opposed to the usual 10, and the decision to make Daenerys the “Mad Queen” seems rushed and hasty.Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen Daenerys promise she’s nothing like her father, as she’s freed slaves and ruled mostly benevolently. So last night’s episode largely felt like a betrayal to both fans and her very character. An entire city going up in flames makes for a great visual, sure, but narratively it’s questionable. Now it appears Daenerys is the show’s “Big Bad,” and not Cersei.And that’s another big problem - Cersei and her fate. Fans were out for blood and wanted a gruesome end for the cold-hearted tyrant. But instead of getting a knife in the heart (like many predicted), she fell victim to rubble. Now one could argue that Daenerys ultimately killed Cersei...but her end still seems somewhat anticlimactic. And that doesn't even begin to address Jaime's problem.Jaime's redemption arc - where'd it go?! The Lannister most changed from a character standpoint after years of questioning his actions and his loyalty to his lover went back to his old ways all too quickly. In the previous episode, after leaving Brienne, fans had hoped he was on his way to King's Landing just to finish Cersei off himself. But this latest episode proved - NOPE! - he just wanted one last cuddle with his sister-lover. Hm.In conclusion, we only have 1 episode left, and frankly I’m excited to see where this all goes.GREEN SCREEN VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZwkU...


  • Miccel
    Miccel  3 months ago +5344

    jack i will watch endgame for the 13th time, just please give me back my family

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    Barnabus Wut  3 months ago +1611

    Every subsequent version of Jack was getting more sweaty than the last.

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    Vailskibum94  3 months ago +782

    This went from 0 to 100000000000 real quick

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    Bootleggz  3 months ago +2385

    For a second I thought we'd actually have a normal video for once. Really dodged a bullet there.

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    Damn the MCU is getting good with their ads

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    Ah, this video seemed a bit too normal for a second

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    Thanos doing Fortnite dances definitely convinced me to see Endgame for the 172nd time, thanks John.

  • Pogchamp
    Pogchamp  3 months ago +208

    2018: Pewdiepie vs T series
    2019: Endgame vs Avatar

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    When you block out in class, and the teacher is on a completely different subject.

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    Was wondering why this appeared in my recommended considering I’ve never watched GOT. Now I know why. Once again thank you recommendations.

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    Steven Matthews  3 months ago +7098

    jack i will watch endgame for the 13th time, just please give me back my family

  • TrollHunter
    TrollHunter  3 months ago +207

    Respect to Jack for actually explaining his problems with Season 8, instead of "D&D hahaha"

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    SimplyKin.  2 months ago +32

    I wonder how many times Jack's computer crashed making this

  • RaYmOnDrOiD
    RaYmOnDrOiD  3 months ago +106

    Everyone including me: what the hell is this?
    An intellectual: obviosuly this is spoiling the end of got where the thronegers have to go back in time and stop the mad queen from collecting all six infinity dragons and reducing kings landing to ashes.

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    shouldn't have expected anything from this video tbh
    my bad

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    When you click on a sketchy website and the viruses start popping up.

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    "Stay tuned for more game of thrones updates, only on Disney" I LAUGHED SO HARD

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    Good job on tricking the system, Jack, you evil genius. #WatchEndgame #BeatAvatar

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    Before this I really didn’t understand game of thrones... thanks for the explanation

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    So I have to watch Game of Thrones: Endgame?