I Can't Believe He Ate This!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • The neighbors called the county on us for destroying a chicken coop and Kevin faces off against Daniel in an eating challenge!

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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  a years ago +300

    Pink hoodies and red tie dye hoodies back in stock! and we have virginity rocks long sleeve and hoodies now available @ www.dannyduncan69.com thanks for all the support love you guys. driving back to LA next week <3

  • Gabriel Son
    Gabriel Son  4 days ago

    Calculating the miles walked on the beach and the size of the cat feces. I have multiplied the miles by the size detecting a ratio of strength being 73.2 and speed/ perseverance at approximately 98.7

  • 69 69
    69 69  5 days ago

    Danny just picks up random kids and takes them around town with him

  • Ominousclientyt H
    Ominousclientyt H  7 days ago

    Love inv the choose of music

  • Sport Edits
    Sport Edits  7 days ago


  • First Name
    First Name  7 days ago

    Finger off the trigger when holding it towards the dudes eyes man, you forgot for a sec there

  • Flavorz
    Flavorz  7 days ago


  • Cage Blaze
    Cage Blaze  7 days ago

    Only 1time does 30

  • Charles Adams
    Charles Adams  7 days ago

    Dude I'm sorry your neighbors are such crybaby bitches like seriously "ugghhh he was on his own property demolishing his own barn with his own truck" like how TF is that your business and why do you even care bro like is that seriously bothering this person so much that they have to call someone and cry about it. I'm sorry but that kinda shit just pisses me off so god damn much

  • Pulverse
    Pulverse  7 days ago

    3:37 to 3:39 okay boomer

  • Sherri Balenger
    Sherri Balenger  14 days ago


  • Sky Clan
    Sky Clan  14 days ago


  • Black Blacker9192
    Black Blacker9192  14 days ago

    So what like danny just adopted justin lol

  • diana soto
    diana soto  14 days ago

    I feel like that dude is always throwing up

  • baby dxddy josh
    baby dxddy josh  14 days ago


  • Donevin Gonzalez
    Donevin Gonzalez  14 days ago


  • Idk Soo
    Idk Soo  14 days ago

    Pain is temporary,quitting lasts forever

  • Evade Weaks
    Evade Weaks  14 days ago

    I want merch but my mom will not let me merch rocks

  • Wyatt Pelky
    Wyatt Pelky  14 days ago


  • Jonathan Monroe
    Jonathan Monroe  14 days ago

    So I just kinda called the number on 0:35 a they didn’t answer then they called me back idk wtf to do