I Can't Believe He Ate This!

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
  • The neighbors called the county on us for destroying a chicken coop and Kevin faces off against Daniel in an eating challenge!Merchandise ▶ http://DannyDuncan69.comTwitter ▶ http://www.twitter.com/DannyDuncan69Instagram ▶ http://www.instagram.com/DannyDuncan69Facebook▶ http://www.facebook.com/DannyDuncan69Snapchat ▶ http://snpcht.me/DannyDuncan69Fan mail send to:PO Box 1456Englewood, FL34295


  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  a years ago +278

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  • etti
    etti  a years ago +452

    kevin didn't quit the navy to lose a cheese ball competition

  • Kiki Avalos
    Kiki Avalos  a years ago +152

    march 9th,2016 danny duncan once said on a no jumper interview "vine will die" hes a god!💥⚡☝

  • Grand
    Grand  3 months ago +44

    0:36 so were not gonna talk about how they leaked their phone number lol

  • Tommy Grissel
    Tommy Grissel  a years ago +158

    So happy that Kevin has came out of his shell

  • Mmm Bleach
    Mmm Bleach  4 months ago +20

    At 5:43 imagine just showing up to a dudes house I would make him leave

  • Aviation Ambassador
    Aviation Ambassador  a years ago +186

    Being Danny’s neighbor may not change the world, but for Danny’s neighbors their world has changed

  • B Kaniecki
    B Kaniecki  a years ago +92

    I feel like Danny had a D1 scholarship to some big college for baseball and then it got taken away cause of drugs and alcohol or something so now that’s why he’s always pushing for us not to do that stuff

  • Anthony 301
    Anthony 301  4 months ago +10

    I wonder how many people called he’s neighbors number they probably had to switch there number

  • Red Devil Uchiha
    Red Devil Uchiha  a years ago +9

    When you kidnap your principles doughter
    I think it's fine.

  • Cheezy
    Cheezy  3 months ago +4

    danny scratches a car
    Owner : no biggie
    Mrbeast scratches a car
    Mrbeast : gives 10k

    LESHU  a years ago +310

    Honda owes Danny millions of dolars

  • gamerjr 14
    gamerjr 14  a years ago +59

    Give that guy at least 500$ for hitting his car wtf Danny

  • Creating logic HD
    Creating logic HD  a years ago +40

    When danny saves me from depression

  • Pardon
    Pardon  14 days ago +1

    all head shots but not a drop on the face mask lol

  • MollyFPS
    MollyFPS  9 months ago +2

    Me* Can I get that thing with chocolate and vanilla in a swirl
    Employee* a swirl?
    Me* no it’s not that

  • BG KooK
    BG KooK  a years ago +94

    Time enjoyed is not time wasted

  • KoalaGamingzzz
    KoalaGamingzzz  a years ago +19

    0:59 has me dead 😂😂

  • Young Puff
    Young Puff  2 months ago +2

    Just watching them eat the cheese balls makes me have the feeling of irritation on my teeth 😬😂

  • Clarence Mcdirtynut
    Clarence Mcdirtynut  1 months ago

    Bro who tf are dannys neighbors they stay calling the police