Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Announcement

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 12, 2019
  • For the first time ever, The Master Chief’s story comes to PC. Featuring Halo: Reach along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, the Halo 3: ODST Campaign and Halo 4, this is the definitive Halo experience.

    Honoring the iconic hero and his epic journey, The Master Chief’s story is brought together with a total of 67 campaign missions plus more than 120 multiplayer maps (including the original Halo Combat Evolved maps) and Spartan Ops maps. Now built for PC with mouse and keyboard support and up to 4K UHD and HDR.


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  • HiddenXperia  (Mar 12, 2019)

    After almost 12 years PC players can finally finish the fight...

  • Evo Wolf  (6 hours ago)

    Epic Games is jerking of to the fantasy of having this as an exclusive. Yet it's only a fantasy.

  • AntarianSPACE  (1 day ago)

    So true. Best part is that we're not getting shitty Gearbox Software ports (ala Halo: CE for PC)

  • ThehFlyingCatz  (6 days ago)

    Born too late to discover the world,Born too early to discover the universe,Born right on time to play Halo for PC

  • Justin biebe  (14 hours ago)

    +Voxterx whom did you reply to? I cant find that comment.

  • Yosë  (14 hours ago)

    hopefully this time with actual dedicated servers in our damn countrys

  • {Chao Master}  (4 days ago)

    2007:Cortana: CoD, Wii, PS3. It’s finishedChief: it’s finishedCortana: I’ll drop Halo Reach. But it’ll be a while before 343 gets us. I’ll miss you.Chief: Wake me, when you need me.2017: Introducing Fortnite! A brand new Battle Royale Shooter!*Wake Up John.I need you*

  • XakuraZtar  (9 hours ago)

    Fortnite : im just a Game with cartoony graphics that got Alot of attention what did i do wrong?

  • David Morales Santiago  (15 hours ago)

    those games are crap HALO is better than nowadays crap

  • Acai  (6 days ago)


  • Sam White  (5 days ago)

    Alec Yeeeeeee

  • Just some bush  (5 days ago)

    Friend:Ok man I'm going to bed. I'll play with you again tommorow. *Last online 8 years ago*Microsoft: Halo MCC is becoming available for pc.Friend: *Online*

  • Fluffy Goatbutt  (2 days ago)

    Friend: *Online*Me: Motherfucker.

  • Ambush king  (2 days ago)

    After all this time?

  • Butter Lettuce  (Mar 13, 2019)

    How is this not #1 trending?

  • sinister is random  (1 day ago)

    +Nahuel Martinez it's not halo is dead it's the fps genre in general has died downed due to alot of controversy that revolves around itHalo is still but it's just not going to be number one because of the controversial issues

  • Elysia Moore  (4 days ago)

    Butter Lettuce bc fortnite has dumbed down the entire gaming community

  • YayLaika  (3 days ago)

    "14 years. 14 long years. That's how long it took to get Halo back on PC." - Captain Cutter

  • Cachillian  (18 hours ago)

    I get that reference

  • Lolencio Martinez  (3 days ago)

    better late than never

  • ARAA  (4 days ago)

    dude now I can stop searching "is halo coming to pc" like every week

  • Justin biebe  (16 hours ago)


  • Alucard Helsing  (3 days ago)

    Now it's when is Halo coming to PC searches.

  • JoshL117  (4 days ago)

    Epic Games Store: "I have Metro Exodus."Steam: "We have The Master Chief Collection."

  • Bob Snob  (15 hours ago)

    +Guardians why would you want to play any of those?

  • Anonymous An  (16 hours ago)

    +Guardians Steam already had Ultra Kill: Resident Evil 2 Remake, Devil May Cry V, Sekiro Shadow Die Twice and MCC!

  • Noadius  (5 days ago)

    Well this ain't the Lord of the Rings, but it definitely is the Return of the King